Scoring goals is becoming a bit of a habit for Alfold.

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 09.41.44.pngEarlier this year ‘Your Waverley’ gave a cash boost to Alfold Football Club. It handed over £20,000 towards improvements to its grounds to include: new floodlights, a spectator stand and other ground improvements.

For a football club whose members come from Crawley – yes, Crawley, not Cranleigh, or Alfold or Dunsfold but Crawley in West Sussex. Apparently, its players don’t even train in Alfold – they train in, yes you get it – Crawley!

Did the money come from developer’s contributions under their 106 Agreement contributions for infrastructure? Because although 150 new homes have been consented only 20 plus + have so far been built in Loxwood Road. And not forgetting Surrey County Council’s new school units which didn’t need planning consent let alone contribute infrastructure contributions. No sign yet, we are told by villagers of the rest of the proposed developments at Brockhurst and the former Wyevale Garden Centre. or, perhaps the planners have other sites in mind for further development?

Now the village has hit the jackpot twice, in a matter of months. This time ‘Your Waverley’ has awarded Alfold Sports & Social Club a thumping £73,300 towards improving the clubhouse and the village hall.

Just goes to show how effective it is when councillors dub a village… 

…”Poor old Alfold?”

And you have former bobby Cllr Kevin Deanus to put his best foot forward for your  team?

The money comes from “YW’s’ capital receipts and improving Alfold is one of its corporate priorities, as it will actively engage the club’s social sporting customers and ensure sporting and social opportunities exist for all.

Apparently, the money comes from “easement funds” which are allocated towards communities and sporting facilities, the WW presumes, throughout the borough?

Now here at the WW, we wouldn’t want to be accused of peeing on anyone’s fireworks, or in this case, goalposts, particularly as there are among our team, football fanatics. But we do wonder what this part of the report means:


1. Alfold has seen some significant housing developments in the local area and as a result, some of the community facilities in existence need to be enhanced to meet this additional need. Following Executive approval, Waverley Borough Council received a financial sum from a housing development in Alfold for its interest in some adjacent land required for access. The majority of this sum will contribute to Waverley’s overall capital programmes but this report proposes that a relatively small proportion is allocated to improve local facilities in Alfold. This project covers two organisations which cater to the needs of the Young and Elderly both in sport, leisure and community well being. Alfold Parish Council is supportive and the proposed scheme has been developed following several meetings with members of the Sports and Social club. The Club will be managing the project governance.

“Significant housing in the local area” Around 150, if they are all built – and presently under construction 55? Or are they including Alfold’s new neighbour? The Dunsfold new garden village.


  1. Alfold Village Hall was built in 1963. It was the culmination of considerable local fundraising and the physical hard work of the community. Over the past 53 years, the village Hall has continued to flourish. In 2005 the hall was extended, the kitchen enlarged and a small meeting room built and the toilets were refurbished. The hall is structurally sound, but as the years go by, the fixtures and fittings are becoming tired and worn. Fundraising takes place, but the amount raised is generally small, and the upgrades and replacements are beyond their reach. The carpet requires replacing, and new tables and chairs are urgently needed. The stage curtains are at the end of their useful life, and the car park is inadequate to cope with the demand to park. The purchase of parking strips will allow for this parking and help protect the grass. The ovens in the kitchen need replacing as they are inefficient, and hand driers in the building would be both more efficient in financial terms, but also more hygienic.
  2. These necessary improvements will allow the hall to be fit for purpose for the future and will ensure that the facilities are used extensively for future generations as they are now.
  3. Alfold Sports and Social Club has been serving the community for over 40 years. The facilities support sporting activity to football, cricket, tennis, stoolball and darts, as well as providing an environment for social events.
  4. The clubhouse was last updated many years ago. The carpets are worn and ripped in many places being held in place with tape, and the curtains which were made by a local resident, are still in use some 30 years later.
  5. The clubhouse requires the ceiling to be removed, and old wiring to be removed or replaced. The club needs insulating to be more efficient. The general electrics need to be brought up to current standards, and the plumbing system needs to be upgraded to be able to cope with the current demands. The curtains, chairs and tables need replacing, and in addition, some alterations are required to make better use of the building. The existing beam needs to be removed so a larger opening can be created. With the installation of folding doors, it will enable the club to be split into two, maximising its potential use. Walls need plastering, skirting and floor screed will make the facilities outstanding, and upgrades to the existing kitchen facilities.
  6. Finance Implications:

Estimated Costs


Village Hall
Alfold Sports & Social Club

£18,200 £55,500




Alfold Community WBC Easement

£12,500 £61,200




Alfold Football Club puts its best foot forward – whilst Cranleigh’s 106 monies go to A Cranleigh top fee-paying school!

8 thoughts on “Scoring goals is becoming a bit of a habit for Alfold.”

  1. WW – I am afraid I am totally in support of this. The Village has so little and this improvement to the Village Hall & Sports Club will be a great asset to the Village.

    I am sure you are aware of the Consented Applications for the Village – but for those that don’t know, here they are: (Sorry Cut and paste doesn’t work too well here)

    Alfold Planning Applications APPROVED 2013 – 2019

    Completions Existing New App. Ref
    Crown Cottage 0 2 WA/2013/0132
    Byways 0 2 WA/2014/0518
    Haybarn Cottages 0 4 WA/2014/0913
    Dolphin Court 0 4 WA/2014/2307
    Old Stovolds Farm 0 1 WA/2015/0483/0482
    Brockhurst Farm 1 1 WA/2015/0565
    Alfold Farm Barn 1 7 WA/2016/0683

    Sub Total 21

    Outstanding Existing New App. Ref
    High Stovolds Farm 0 2 PRA/2016/0018/0019
    Garden Centre 0 10 WA/2016/0114
    Dolphin Cottage 1 3 WA/2017/0499
    Alfold Farm B 1 2 WA/2017/0758
    Sweepers Copse 0 55 WA/2017/1250
    Old Stovolds Farm 1 2 WA/2017/1445/1446/1470/1471
    Brockhurst Farm 0 23 WA/2017/1947
    Chapel Field 0 8 WA/2018/0977
    Velhurst Farm 0 2 WA/2018/1558
    Old Lock House 1 1 WA/2018/1754
    Farnhurst Farm
    Barn 0 1 PR/2018/0029

    Sub Total 109


    But you get the gist! so for a semi rural village of some 490 homes this is a huge increase and we need to have something for the new residents as well as the existing.

    Now SCC can we have our Pavement on Dunsfold road and a new Layout for Alfold Crossways Junction!!!

  2. So why hasn’t somebody been screwing community contributions to these facilities in Alfold out of all these developers?

    1. Why indeed! But perhaps there are more shedloads of money coming Alfold’s way.

      However, someone has just contacted us on our private e-mail address at to tell us that some developers’ money in Cranleigh is going to Cranleigh Art Centre and its building will soon be extended. So the artists have it?

  3. Agree wholeheartedly that Alfold deserves to get something out of monies raised by Waverley through one means or another. However, 130 homes is tiny compared with the number of homes other villages in the borogh have had thrust upon them. In your area in the East – over 1,800 in Cranlegh – and as for the villages in and around Farnham – too many to mention here.

    We ask? What about the football club/s in Cranleigh? Clubs we understand that boast many hundreds of young players, and senior sides – who – unless we have the wrong information – have very poor facilities?

    What about the Dunsfold Football Club, or Ewhurst, or…. many others over here? Will they be getting a shedload of money from ‘Your Waverley.’ Someone tell us… please?

  4. WW – 130 may be a p*ss in the pot to Farnham, Goldalming, Haslemere – But for a SMALL village it is over 25.6% increase in the size of the Village with various other applications either going to Appeal currently or imminently and we still have to 80 Potential new homes next to Sweeters Copse – So please do not begrudge our smally village something out of this Planning Mess!

  5. The WW does not begrudge you anything. But we would like to see money dolled out in an an even-handed way. So we will watch this space and see when all the other struggling amateur clubs receive their handouts.

  6. Hopefully there is no objection to my weighing in on this. When this came to the executive in our first few weeks we actually did ask officers to brief us on how this works, how this project was selected etc. As we were all new to this.

    The source of this money is quite unique, and we all thought it was fair that a proportion of that money (and it is only a proportion) be spent on the area taking the brunt of the building works that generated the money. A principle I am sure the executive will apply wherever this happens in the borough.

  7. I too think it fair that Alfold recieved a share of this infrastructure money, I also view it as part of the tidying up process that is required after the rush to develope that was approved prior to the last election.

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