The latest load of nonsense from the CPRE.

You know the one – Campaign for The Preservation of Rural England? The outfit that has been granted leave to Appeal against the High Court Judge’s decision to allow the Local Plan Part 1 to properly get off the starting blocks?

Today’s edition of you couldn’t make it up comes from Crispin Truman, Chief Executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). Saying he wants more affordable homes, preferably on brownfield sites. Maybe, if he’s so worried about the lack of affordable housing in rural areas,  he should speak to his minions at CPRE Surrey and tell them to stop opposing housing on brownfield sites!

In the meantime more and more and even more applications are pouring in from developers eager to build over OUR  countryside in Waverley.

Be careful what you wish for!

Ms Smyth, whilst we always welcome your erudite and learned comments on the post above, unfortunately, the references to policy and legalise are a bit – well, to be honest, a lot! – above our pay grade and we’d really appreciate it if you could explain the points you are making in terms that we laymen can easily understand.

In the meantime, if anyone knows the answer to the question in your final para about Dunsfold Park, please can they tell us because we really need and want to know. Frankly, the thought of DP Phase II not going ahead and yet more of  Farnham. Godalming, Haslemere and Cranleigh and everywhere in between being concreted over have us running for the hills … because let’s face it, that’s the only place the developers won’t be building if DP Phase II gets thrown out with CPRE/POW’s dirty bathwater! Never mind all the rain we’ve been experiencing over the past week … it will be raining concrete in  Farnham and the other towns and villages if that comes to pass!!!

Help us if you can, we’re feeling down
And we do appreciate you being round
Help us get our feet back on the ground
Won’t you please, please help us …

10 thoughts on “The latest load of nonsense from the CPRE.

  1. Does anyone know whether the high volume of unsold new- build properties in Cranleigh will impact on the development timescales at Dunsfold Park? I understand that it’s got consent but if the ones already built down the road aren’t selling surely there is no market at the moment. Will financial backers still be keen to get building at DP or will they wait until the expensive Cranleigh shoe- boxes shift? Lots of chat in M&S this morning about whether this weekend really does see the last Wings and Wheels.

    • We understand from those who attended W & Wheels at Dunsfold that it was most certainly the last. Not necessarily completely due to the new settlement, but around the country air displays have closed due to the awful air disaster at Shoreham, which had a long-lasting effect on air displays generally.

      As for the unsold properties in Cranleigh – that is probably due to the type of ‘shoe-boxes’ to which you refer. All made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same? We don’t know Cranleigh that well – but here in Farnham the market is being swamped with properties. But Farnham, Godalming and Haslemere all have railway stations and good public transport. Sadly, Cranleigh has non of these and its high street is struggling.

      Let us all hope that the new Dunsfold settlement masterplan will impress everyone?

  2. Will POW and CPRE agree to cease opposing the Waverley Local plan if their latest legal appeal fails? The longer the legal action continues the more danger to our beautiful towns and villages from inappropriate development.

  3. Well if they don’t cease opposing the Local Plan someone should take them to Court for vexatious litigation. Whilst the CPRE and POW continue to fiddle for just one corner of Waverley – the rest of the borough burns. It is high time costs were awarded against them.

    Their actons have already see the devastation of some of our beautiful towns and villages and inappropriate development continues unabated.

    • You should get your facts straight. POW and CPRE’s case has nothing to do with Dunsfold. That ship sailed, was torpedoed and won’t be salvaged. If they win, their remedy is to strike out Woking’s housing need and so bring Waverley’s housing quota down – the same stated objective of the new Waverley administration. I presume if they win you’ll gladly accept the >500 house reduction for Farnham?

  4. Nothing to do with Dunsfold Blahblahblah? Not trying to knock out Phase 2? You can fool some of the people all of the time, even all of the people some of the time, but certainly not all of the people – including the Waverley Web all of the time.

    There is only one reason that POW hitched on the CPRE wagon ride, so get real. It will do anything, just anything to stop the largest brownfield site in the borough being developed, and having lost round one will want ammunition for Round Two. A 500 reduction for us here in Farnham? Get real – developers are piling in, and there is still only one reason why development will halt – because purchasers are becoming rarer than hen’s teeth. And, thanks to CPRE and POW our green fields are becoming seas of concrete. As for striking out Woking’s unmet need, aren’t planning officers telling everyone that Waverley is fulfilling need for elsewhere in Surrey – regardless of Woking.

    Ask tenants of many of the social housing developments in Waverley where they actually come from? You may be surprised.

    • Perhaps you can point me to anywhere that it shows that POW are trying to stop Dunsfold? Where does it say an existing Planning permission, like Dunsfold’s 1800 houses, will be over-turned by CPRE/POW’s court case about housing quotas? The >500 houses reduction for Farnham is in their stated remedy – documented.

      I am not surprised about social housing developments – we are under extreme housing pressures in all parts of Waverley, but again, what has that got to do with POW’s current campaign other than they are the only one’s trying to work with WBC to get the quotas down? Your cynicism seems to be clouding everything you write.

  5. PS. If you really want to stop phase 1 or 2 of Dunsfold Park you need to be radical. Maybe build an oil exploration site nearby and truck +4000 HGVs full of slurry past the front doors?

    • No doubt Ashley Ward and the old Stop Dunsfold brigade will have that all in hand. Be careful what you wish for? Cranleigh and all the villages are already suffering from getting the worst of both deals thanks to the anti’s!!

      After all they now have a major player of POW on Alfold Parish Council. Little Britton failed to snatch the Chair after his colleagues were a step ahead of Crystal Tipps Weddell the Kingmaker Clerk, and put their own choice in.

      However, fear not Little B is not there to enjoy the view over Dunsfold Park on whose boundary fence he lives . He will have his own ulterior motives for giving up his telly-time.

  6. We apologise for our cynicism… however, where was Protect Our Waverley when it was proposed to roll the Green Belt back in Aaron’s Hill – or Thakeham Homes scheme to build on a site that has been flooded since the year dot? Why are homes being built all over village fields in Ewhurst, in Alfold and other villages around Farnhamand Haslemere?

    Trying to work with WBC? Rubbish! Costing us the council taxpayers a small fortune in legal and professisonal fees and thousands of hours of officers’ time, money and time that the borough can ill afford.

    POW/CPRE even have the gall to write to individual Waverley Borough Councillors asking for donations of money with which to fight the very borough council which they serve. How crass is that?

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