What a load of rubbish – Part 2.

We posted this three days ago. Now the Sorry Advertiser has plastered this MISINFORMATION, again… right cross its front page!

Don’t believe a word of it. Dunsfold Park has No intention of hosting a ‘rubbish dump’ for the area. And, it now considering taking a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission. (We heard it from the horse’s mouth) – However,  the company is concerned that residents of the eastern villages may stop petitioning against the closure of the Civic Recycling Centre at Nanhurst Crossroads. (perhaps that is exactly what the county council is hoping for.) 



(or, in the local vernacular, colloquially speaking, WHAT A LOAD OF HORSE SH*T!)

What is it with the Sorry Advertiser?

Why does it feel the urge to consistently take a pop at Dunsfold Aerodrome?

In yet another attempt to rubbish – quite literally! – the largest brownfield site in the borough of Waverley which has, after a sixteen-year fight, finally achieved planning consent to build 1800 homes, Get Surrey – the Sorry Ad’s online mouthpiece – gleefully reported that:

Tons of rubbish could be dumped at Dunsfold Aerodrome after it was identified by Surrey County Council as one of 22 potential sites to manage waste.

Given Surrey County Council is running down, with a view to closing, the recycling centre at Nanhurst Crossroads, just a hop, skip and a jump from Dunsfold Aerodrome, what is the likelihood that they’re going to open another rubbish dump – Get Surrey’s very emotive term, we might add, not ours! – at the former Aerodrome?

Even less likely is the prospect of the site owners, Trinity College Cambridge, agreeing to the siting of a rubbish dump in their new town/village… whatever you want to call it.

Delve a little deeper, behind and beneath the bombastic, misleading and supremely negative headline, which clearly implies that Dunsfold Aerodrome is going to disappear beneath a mountain of smelly, household detritus, one discovers that:

‘The Surrey Waste Local Plan 2019 to 2033, was submitted to a planning inspector last month. The plan shows how and where the waste will be managed in Surrey in the future and draws up policies for handling the waste of future housing developments. Industrial sites have been identified as potential land for waste development and facilities such as composting, renewable energy making plants and recycling.

Land at Dunsfold Aerodrome is listed among the 22 sites by the council as potential land for waste management facilities.’

So, the truth of the matter is, in due course, when the former aerodrome morphs into a new settlement, it might, just might incorporate its own waste management and handling facilities within the adjacent industrial park, where composting, recycling and renewable energy making plants could be sited for its inhabitants and tenant businesses! Not to take the detritus from Cranleigh New Town and beyond.

None of that is BREAKING NEWS as far as we’re aware as Dunsfold Park has been talking about groundbreaking recycling and renewable energy plants feeding the new village as far back as 2007 – at which time the Sorry Ad was too busy acting as the mouthpiece for Stop Dunsfold Park New Town, the forerunner to Protect our little corner of Waverley, to write any positive stories about the largest brownfield site in the borough. Nothing’s changed there then!

Indeed, we think – but, at the time of posting, are still in the process of checking – that Dunsfold Park already has a bio-digester on site which creates energy from food waste and, if that’s the case, rather than the major blight Get Surrey is febriley implying, the Aerodrome is, in fact, ahead of the game!

Trust the Sorry Ad / Get Surrey to put yet another negative spin on what is, in fact, yet another very positive story for and about Dunsfold Aerodrome. Unlike other developments, just a hop, skip and a jump away in Cranleigh where other developers, rather than embracing waste management are looking to DUMP it on everyone else.

6 thoughts on “What a load of rubbish – Part 2.”

  1. Cranleigh residents colloquially call the Nanhurst facility “The Cranleigh Dump”, but over the last decade it has morphed into more of a “recycling centre”. Visit it on the few days a week when it is (well for now anyway) still open and most people I’ve seen have been taking bits of old wood, garden rubbish, cardboard, metal and so on. Even though it is being run on a shoestring nowadays, I think it is a well run facility and I always find the staff there helpful and friendly.

    Nowadays there is only one “destination landfill skip” at Nanhurst; all the rest of the giant skips being for recyclable materials, and it is rightly called the “Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre”.

    The big news story here is that in our world of growing plastic waste and shrinking availability of landfill sites, we all need to help society recycle waste whenever possible, and I feel the Surrey Advertiser would do a better job serving its readership if it ran editorials on focusing on how the Council should keep Nanhurst open as a key infrastructure resource, not just for now but even more importantly for the future.

    The Council is strapped for cash as we all accept, but they are still plodding on building a new mid-town shopping centre in Farnham, with very few prelets, at a time when high street shops are closing all over the country. Maybe they are simply spending money on the wrong things, and they should be investing in recycling centres and other key services instead? Who builds shopping centres these days without minimum 50% prelets anyway?

    If Dunsfold Park installs recycling and renewable energy plants for the householders on their site then great, everything helps, but that doesn’t benefit the people of Cranleigh and the surrounding villages who will want to continue using Nanhurst.

    1. WW agrees with you 100%, But it is irresponsible for the Sorry Advertiser to give the impression that Dunsfold will take everyone’s rubbish. Why didn’t it seek a comment from Dunsfold Park, or Trinity College, Cambridge?

      Lazy or what?

      Why isn’t Cranleigh’s SCC Andrew Povey speaking up? After all isn’t he leading the consultation exercise, yet another consultation exercise on the Nanhurst issue.

      Yes, it is time SCC looked at its priorities, but then everyone over here in Farnham knows exactly what will finally happen at Blightwells. More homes, because the shops will not be let. What legacy have the two Tory administration’s left any New Guard? Another fine mess?

  2. Hear Hear! We need the Cranleigh CRC and if as I believe the Land is owned by SCC they should keep it open to serve the New Homes being built in Cranleigh… Or maybe they see it as another Development site to add to the many already being built in the Village?
    The signs up a couple of weeks ago had a lot of restrictions on what they would take and what they wouldn’t – which didn’t tie in with what was on their Website… It is quite obvious that they are running it down by stealth.

  3. Greetings from the Colonies. Guess what, they actually have the rubbish taken weekly. I mentioned the fortnightly collection we have and there was much spluttering in the Pinot. Toodle pips

  4. Greetings from a wet, windy and weary UK!

    Yes, w have heard from numerous followers who have homes in Spain, France and those beyond to say their rubbish is taken weekly. One told us their rubbish is taken every day!
    Dream on… ?

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