Here’s what the Lib Dems said it would do for ‘Your Waverley.’ Will it do what it said on the tin?

Remember… Former leader the Julia bird may have flown from Farnham to Frensham, Tilford and Dockenfield but she is watching you all? 

The Liberal Democrat Group has arrived, and although things are quiet at present, there is much work going on behind the scenes. Coalitions created, roles defined for new councillors, inductions held, and plans for the future are being drawn up as we write.

However, there are some huge challenges ahead for ‘Your Waverley’ not least of which is the matter of £1m worth of savings to be made, a Judicial Review on the Local Plan pending in the courts, dealing with the Farnham Blightwells development debacle and numerous controversial planning applications in Haslemere, Godalming and Farnham town and villages.

There is also the huge job of dealing with the Dunsfold Masterplan which includes 1,800 of the first phase of the new settlement.

Cranleigh too faces a number of highly controversial schemes – A New Bypass, the start of which is already being created by stealth, siting of new schools in a highly congested area, plus a new leisure centre.

So, there is much to do about everything. Let us all hope the new Rainbow Alliance is up to the job?



COUNCILLORS THAT LISTEN,Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.45.01.png

A number of Tory councillors have attendance rates below 30% Response and general participation from some councillors is at an all-time low



We would:

  1. Publish the attendance of all our councillors. 2. Hold public surgeries on a regular basis to engage with residents. 3. Fully and actively participate in council sessions and represent the views of our residents. 4. Appoint one of our councillors as an internal monitoring officer to ensure the above commitments are met.


NO ONE GROUP SHOULD MAKE ALL THE DECISIONSScreen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.46.41.png

Before the election 50 of 57 Waverley seats were held by the Conservatives. Near-total control by one party leads to an absence of debate and scrutiny.


We would: 

  1. Reform the standards panel to make it easier for residents to take a question and take action against councillors. 2. Change the procurement rules for big contracts to protect public money. 3. Ensure that all scrutiny functions, including audit, include members of the opposition. 4. Facilitate public and full debate at all levels of the council.



Conservative promises on the green belt have been repeatedly breached. Hundreds of houses are being built without the infrastructure to support them.


We would:

  • Set up a committee to investigate available land for social housing, bring it forward to council and set up a public consultation for each site to deliver more social (council) housing. 2. Create a committee (held in public) to properly monitor all Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds.


  •  Reopen the local plan at the earliest opportunity to change the housing mix and increase affordable and social housing provision for every application to at least 40%. 4. Set up open, public forums to discuss large (above 100 dwellings) planning applications prior to it going to a formal planning committee so that residents can have a proper say.



Air quality in Waverley is under threat and monitoring is inadequate. Sustainable environmental policies are needed if the borough is to develop.


We would:

  1. Increase the number of air quality monitors. Currently, there are just 2 in the entire borough. 2. Create a permanent air-quality monitoring group that reports to the full council and publishes its reports independently.
  2. 3. Work to reduce car usage and increase the number of electric car charging points and to promote sustainability in planning applications and development by encouraging sustainable travel options 4. Seek to eliminate single-use plastics wherever possible and help towns and parishes to do the same.

Published and promoted by Heather Hullah at 95 Green Lane. Godalming on behalf of the Waverley Liberal Democrats.

Here’s the link to the document.

The WW asked for the Conservative Manifesto but we never received it.  The WW has been blocked from the Waverley Borough Council e-mail system – so new councillors will have to either log on to follow us – or log on from their personal e-mail accounts.


7 thoughts on “Here’s what the Lib Dems said it would do for ‘Your Waverley.’ Will it do what it said on the tin?”

  1. Well Done the Lib dems – I voted for them for the first time and I do hope that they do what they say they will. Strangely enough we were asked to put an Air Quality Monitoring device on our house this year – Haven’t heard anything on the results – But we do live on the A281 so it would be interesting to know if any results are even published! – I can tell you our plants/Trees on the Roadside are Black with Pollution – So I am sure it won’t be good news! – I know we don’t live in one of the bigger towns – But the filth that comes onto our lovely old Grade II listed Cottage is shocking – It will be good to see a bit more transparency about this sort of thing

  2. Good news for Alfold and The Crossways. About time you had a device on that road. The Tories presided over one of the worst air quality data scandals in the country. This affected us over here in Farnham, a matter which is now the subject of a police investigation. WW has heard noting about where this matter stands at the moment because the previous administration went very quiet on the subject! No surprise there then?

    Lets hope the New Guard will tell us?

    Over to you Cllr Ward and Cllr Follows?

    The Lib Dems are very vocal, the Farnham Residents’ have gone to ground.

  3. hi everyone. just to say on the air quality side – couple of initial points we have after the first exec briefing was that :

    a) we need to have more challenging goals on the environmental and sustainability than previous incarnations at WBC had (hopefully by nominating a Green Party member for the exec seat on this subject). I will be inviting in the extinction rebellion Godalming group in for a proper chat too fairly soon.

    b) we also need to make the data and presentation more accessible to the general public.

    c) WW you know as well as me I can’t comment on an ongoing matter like that , but I hope you also know as soon as I can comment – I will!

    On all the other matters re: manifesto – always happy to discuss, as are any and all of our councillors.

  4. One of the first things the new Exec can do to demonstrate its green credentials is to OBJECT to the UKOG application for exploratory testing at Dunsfold …………
    WBC is a statutory consultee. There is plenty to object to……….

    1. I cannot stress how much (speaking for the Lib Dem group) we would object to that. Actually this had dropped off my radar with all the info we had been getting up to speed on so thank you for reminding me of this.

  5. Will look forward to hearing More as and when it becomes available and hopefully before I die!!

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