Jeremy Umm…


We love this photo in today’s Guardian.  Sums up the state of ‘Your Waverley.’

Our MP Jeremy Hunt flounders on why people should vote Conservative

Tory leader hopeful fails to offer a compelling reason. He initially could only come up with: “Because you believe in Conservative policies.”

That’s right – how about closing Green Oak School in Godalming and promising NOT to build on Greenbelt land for starters?

And… guess what Mr Hunt – the public deserted the Tory party in their droves because they agree with you – they couldn’t think of a good reason either!



3 thoughts on “Jeremy Umm…

    • Doubtful, his seat was one of the safest in the country last time round. Even taking into account the local elections, he should be pretty safe.
      If not then it’s end game for them given the majority they got last time, if they lose all that then I imagine they would have very few seats left at all.

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