Will it be FOUR MORE YEARS – for our  Tory-dominated Borough Council?

Regardless of how many thousands of comments castigating the present administrations in the press and on social media – all will remain the same – unless…


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Over the past two-plus years, our small team has done what it said on the tin.

‘Oh What A Tangled Web they weave when once they practise to deceive.’

We have revealed the tangled web that is ‘Your Waverley.’

We have watched the two council’s webcasts – and have often clipped parts of debates – so you can hear debates and judge for yourselves. See …

…  how appallingly badly the tiny group of opposition councillors have been treated. We and you, have witnessed the unedifying spectacle of the contempt in which Farnham’s elected representatives are held by the Tories. Even by the non-political Mayor Farnham’s Denise Le Gal, who only this week pilloried and insulted residents, and a former councillor on the Godalming Community Board 

  • We revealed the disgraceful cover-up of a major fraud investigation which occurred shortly before the 2015 elections, was kept under wraps and then revealed, once power had been safely restored to the Tories. 

Rosaleen Egan and her husband fought tirelessly to have the matter investigated – to no avail, as officers, disgraced auditors and the Executive, closed ranks. Brian Egan has since died but his wife is standing for UKIP in Milford. The WW – wish her well.  The Tories would rather poke their eyes out with a blunt stick than have this woman within their ranks. Rosaleen leaflet May 2019

  • The cover-up – and, the subsequent police investigation into false Air Quality data – provided to councillors. Which the police are still investigating after 18 months.
  • ‘YW’s failure to recognise Government policy to build on brownfield land, at Dunsfold Airfield whilst holding ‘secret meetings’ with developers to build all over the countryside and green belt. Now thanks to the Tories – the eastern villages face the worst of both worlds! Over 2,000 homes consented in the eastern villages including Cranleigh, and 2,800 at DPark.
  • The failure of daft local plan, after daft local plan. And, now a developer-led adopted Local Plan faces another examination by a judge in the Supreme Court, later this year.
  • The sacrificial lambs – include our environment. Ancient woodland – trees covered by preservation orders given the chop, wildlife, including animals drowned and bats and birds, obliterated to provide homes – many of which are unaffordable. Some resembling homes made out of ticky tacky that all look just the same.
  • Huge sums of Community Infrastructure Levy lost due to the incompetence of our present administration.
  • Huge sums of public money poured into a toxic scheme to build 28 shops in Farnham.
  • SCC’s closure of valued children’s centres, recycling facilities under the Kosh and reprieved until after the elections, in a cynical move to make us think these valued amenities are safe.

We revealed how the chairman and deputy chairman of the Joint Planning Committee ridiculed villagers in the east from their own duplicitous mouths, only caught when they forgot to turn off their microphones. 

We revealed the previous two chief executives shortcomings and their subsequent “retirements’ with a handsome golden good-bye. Sums which have never been revealed.

If you think things will change by sitting on your backsides on Thursday – believing you cannot make a difference – then so be it! But… forever hold your peace.

But remember – if you are a woman. Women died for the right to vote. So use it!

And for the men.  – Moaning down the pub does nothing but expel hot air. – Only by making your vote count can you bring about change.

If you are still undecided and are unconvinced that some checks and balance should be restored, then read this pledge given in 2015 by the Conservative Group of Waverley Borough Council. The very same group that has already rolled back the green belt in Cranleigh -for one of its own – in Godalming, in Bramley and coming soon to a site near you.

At least Stefan Reynolds has had the good sense to bow out. But then wasn’t he the Tory that joined the Labour Party? You can’t-fool me, Comrade…


It’s the chance to vote for real change in our Town and Borough councils and it’s a chance not to be missed…

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12 thoughts on “WILL TOMORROW SIGNAL THE START OF A NEW ERA IN ‘Your Waverley?’

  1. Thanks for this, I have been and voted for myself and Jack Lee. I see that Adam Taylor Smith is sniping at the Lib Dem Candidate for Milford on the local Community board and it has not gone down well.

  2. Yes, he has suddenly reappeared out of the woodwork – we are being kind here – and the TT’s are blaming social media for all their ills. The reason for the sniping is quite simple. They are running scared – and so they should be. Good luck.

  3. I simply want to say what a fantastic job you people at Waverleyweb are doing, we all need to know who the ‘movers and shakers’ are and support them in any way we can. Democracy and our treasured way of life depends on it.

    • Thank you kind Sir. We do our best on your behalf. Our councillors – past, present and future know we are watching them, on your behalf. You are so right – democracy and our treasured way of life depend on it.

      The WW web is there for you – to tell it as it is – not how some would like to tell it.

  4. We have only got one candidate in Alfold so he is automatically elected!!!! Shame on Labour, Lib Dem’s, Green Party etc who didn’t even put a candidate forward for Alfold. How can we vote for change when we don’t have a choice, another polling card thrown in the bin.

    • Shy of Bramley has written to us at contact@waverleyweb.com with the following comment.

      A similar situation here in Bramley. Two Tory Tossers – one of whom isn’t even local, he’s been parachuted in from Cranleigh – and a Green Party candidate. Some choice that was. Reluctantly, very reluctantly, I might add, I voted for Richard Seabourne but wasted my second vote because I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either Stuart Stennett or the Green Party candidate.

      What a shambles!

    • Yes, what a shame – however, console yourself that your councillor Kevin Deanus works hard on your behalf, his a brilliant attendance record, and speaks up on behalf of residents here in Farnham and elsewhere. He doesn’t just keep to the party line.

  5. Thank you for contacting us – Shy of Bramley.

    Perhaps, the Green Party would have been a good bet, because Stennett is well known locally for breaching the Green Belt to trouser a bit of cash from his own development. Development that planning officers warned his planning committee colleagues not to support as it could open the floodgates to other such sites in the borough!

    Has he actually arrived back from his long holiday in time for the election? Records show he has been missing from Waverley Towers for months! Still nothing changes for the CHINOS – Here In Name Only?

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