You can’t fool me Comrade…

For our first post on Waverley Web, we ask just one simple question of Waverley Borough Council?

Cllr Stefan Reynolds
Cllr Stefan Reynolds

Could Councillor or do we now refer to him as Comrade Stefan Reynolds, who recently became a fully paid up member of the Labour Party, who claimed in his defence that he didn’t read the small print (!!!), be a powerful member of your Executive?

This from a man who boasts on the council’s very own WEB that he spent 18 years working for five publishers, including Dorling Kindersley and Penguin Books, before starting his own publishing business! We won’t name it here because we don’t advertise poor quality magazines!!! HELLO!!?!! A publisher who doesn’t read the small print, pull the other one Comrade Reynolds!

Either the man is being disingenous or he’s a nincompoop. Do we really want people like him representing Godalming & Charterhouse? Not to mention being a Waverley Borough Councillor, the Portfolio Holder for Communications & Grants with a seat on the Central Planning Committee and the Executive?

If he cannot be bothered to read the small print, what hope is there that he won’t rubber stamp grant and planning applications… oh we forgot… hasn’t he already done that?

Read all about it here:

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