Can the Nasty Party stoop any lower? It’s LOCAL elections!!!

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By putting out leaflets like this?

“Apparently just when you thought campaigning for the local elections could not get any lower. Then this appears – what on earth!.”

This is what the Labour candidate for Farnham Upper Hale and many residents received through his letterbox.



Green Candidate for Godalming Charterhouse said: “Negative campaigning or what? “Tories have a disgusting approach to politics – ruthless and arrogant.”



Shirley Wardell – Farncombe Green Candidate said: “I would like to understand how Conservatives have been able to stand up for our communities. The cuts and austerity have been really awful.”

We here at the Waverley Web wonder what the Farnham Residents candidates Peter & Penny Marriott think about this disgraceful negative campaigning?


11 thoughts on “Can the Nasty Party stoop any lower? It’s LOCAL elections!!!”

  1. My name is George Wilson and I am the Labour Party candidate for Godalming .Farncombe & Cattershall ward in the Waverley Borough Council elections.

    I am a long term local resident( over 40 years) during my time here I have come to love our area,
    I have been a school governor, chair of a residents association and served on the police liaison committee.
    I am now retired having worked in the NHS and latterly in the criminal justice system for nearly 30 years.
    I am horrified by what the conservative dominated borough councils planning decisions are doing to our town, we are being drowned in over priced property’s with no apparent though to infrastructure or affordable housing for our children, a shortage of social housing for those who do not have the means to pay the very high private rentals demanded means that those on low wages either have to live with their parents or move away.

    It seems to me that what is missing from Waverley council is meaningful debate the same old faces when they can be bothered to turn up just vote as they are told to by those at the top,

    This conservative Governments decisions at all levels has impacted badly on those that can least afford it with dire consequences one our health,safety,education,policing and support services hitting the most vulnerable members of society and local governments in Waverley is doing exactly the same.
    We are paying more in council tax year on year yet getting less services for our money.

    I believe that the town councils should speak up for the towns and hold the borough council to account, Waverley should speak up for the borough and hold the county council to account,this does not happen in a conservative dominated system and needs to change.

  2. This is obviously not a leaflet put out locally in Farnham. The clue is that it refers to “District” and not Borough – D’oh! Well done WW (Jerry) for the continued fake news and wild slurs.

    1. We have no idea who you are referring to (Jerry) we have no one of that name among our team. However, this leaflet was posted by unknown deliverers through the doors of Farnham residents. We presume a standard Tory leaflet doing its rounds in areas other than in Waverley.

      Or… are you calling the Labour candidate a liar! If so then take care Adam Taylor-Smith or we may be forced to remind Waverley ratepayers of the Godalming Fraudsters with whom you are associated and how much money you made through your suspect property deals whilst the member for Witley and Hambledon!

      1. WW-Jez: you just. cannot resist trying to smear by insinuating that I have dodgy dealings. Total utter nonsense and I am a senior Solicitor with 24 years in the profession. If you have anything you are foolish enough to allege why not post your allegations and we can put the facts under full legal scrutiny.

        A fundamental difference between us is that you live your life in twilight under a rock whereas I am happy to live my life in full sunshine.

  3. Whilst we welcome comments and debate on this site. We will not allow you to continue accusing Cllr Jerry Hyman of having anything whatsoever to do with the Waverley Web.

    We receive information from all over the borough Mr Smith, including some very colourful accounts of your past dealing whilst Portfolio holder for the Brightwells Scheme in Farnham – about which we will mention more later. This was received from officers within WBC, and residents of Farnham – not from sittting councillors.

    However, if you continue on thi tack. We will remove you from this site.

    We welcome comments about how you intend to improve the lives of the residents of Milford, and for that matter all the other towns and villages in the borough. But your slurs against an individual will be removed – and you will be banned from this site.

  4. Adam- I think we all know by now that Cllr Hyman isn’t anything to do with this website. I think he comments from time to time like I do.

    Oh and before my commenting formulates the inevitable question – no I’m not anything to do with this site either!

    I actually rather enjoy their anonymity – I also enjoy how angry and frustrated it seems to make certain Conservatives. Usually the ones who are most afraid of any criticism or opposition get the most riled up about that.

    Onto that labour leaflet, not seen it in person myself, but …

    …tbh it saying ‘district’ rather than ‘borough’ is not proof of anything. We know the Conservatives just get a head office type template and change a few names – and as such we have seen that sort of error before. One went out locally a few months ago that said ‘support [name of Candidate]’. So nothing would hugely surprise me!

    Anyway looking forward to a history lesson from WW about the past Waverley life of a certain former councillor!

  5. One feature of the Charterhouse debate yesterday (with the womderful #Katecooney) was the Tory councillor who, asked how he kept in touch with voters, simply said icily he was a member of a local group and exchanged views with them. Similarly, in Binscombe I’m finding as Labour candidate that many people have no idea who their Tory councillors are. It’s not that they’re disliked – people simply don’t have an opinon because they aren’t in touch.Time for change!

  6. Don’t worry the TT’s will be popping up all over the place over the coming weeks. Then you won’t see them again for another four years?

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