The Sorry Advertiser prematurely axes Wings & Wheels?

What a difference a day makes – or, in this case, a week or two.

On 5 March The Sorry Advertiser announced – via Get Surrey – that:

Farnborough Airshow’s public weekend has been PERMANENTLY CANCELLED due to declining popularity and attendance.

But, roll on a couple of weeks, to 25 March, and The Sorry Advertiser is proclaiming – again via Get Surrey now referred to as Surrey’s dogging website – that:

Wings & Wheels airshow AXED! When in fact it will take place for the last time over the Fathers’ Day weekend June 15/16.

One begins to wonder just how much further the Sorry Ad can sink in its Dunsfold-Bashing vendetta? Couldn’t be anything to do with one of its directors living on the airfield perimeter fence – could it?

How on earth can it hope to be considered impartial in its reporting when it provides sympathetic and reasoned coverage of the demise of Farnborough’s public weekend ‘due to the declining popularity of airshows and poor attendance in recent years’ and yet totally ignores the fact that Wings & Wheels which has suffered the same fate as Farnborough – and many other UK airshows after the Shoreham tragedy – but without the week-long global aerospace, defence and space trade event, which underpins and bolsters Farnborough’s finances?

Is this just poor journalism or sour grapes?

But never mind, some people couldn’t be happier about the imminent demise of Wings & Wheels: according to the mutter in the Cranleigh gutter. An outfit supported by a Cranleigh developer is hosting a folk festival in Knowle Lane in aid of St Nicholas Church.  on the new Cranleigh Showground aka country park. This is, licence permitting, intended to replace Wings & Wheels in the hearts and minds of the village … in addition to bringing the entire village to a standstill if the 20,000 visitors they’re anticipating do indeed descend on Cranleigh!

PS No doubt Dunsfold Park’s arch enemy, Little Britton, will be rushing out the invites for his annual knees-up at the Aerodrome’s expense. Our Dunsfold Village correspondent tells us Little Britton and his Missus like to erect a marquee in their garden, overlooking the Aerodrome, and invite their nearest and dearest to witness the jamboree for free!

Perhaps, he and the numerous other freebie spectators would like to drop the odd coin into Dunsfold’s coffers, for the numerous charities it has supported over the past 20+ years. Charities which have included the now, disgraced Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust? Who,  rather than building a hospital and day hospital it pledged after duping thousands of fund-raising residents,  now intends to build a private care home and community beds for the people of Guildford, Waverley and Surrey!

Couldn’t be supported by the same people behind the new Cranleigh relief road between Knowle Lane and Alfold Rd – could it?  Surely not using the church as yet another vehicle to get another cunning development plan while by-passing the planners by sleight of hand, could it? Surely not?


6 thoughts on “The Sorry Advertiser prematurely axes Wings & Wheels?”

  1. I follow your comments with great interest as you know but I notice that in the local plan for Cranleigh and in your bit here, that St. Nicholas has been spelt like this but in fact there is no h, otherwise correctly St. Nicolas Church, if Revd Nigel Nicholson was still in residence he would on the warpath, it was very important to him. Sorry to pull this up and I don’t expect you to know but I just had to mention it. Carry on bringing the news
    Best regards

  2. Our sincere apologies to the people of Cranleigh, and in partiular to the Rev Nicholson with an h and St Nicolas without an h. We will not make the same mistake again. Promise.

  3. I think you are getting a little over-excited here. This is just a case of over zealous sub-editors headline writing to grab the attention. They did exactly the same with the news that “Surrey Police HQ moves!” but actually the story is Surrey Police plan to move HQ and it will take 5 years.

  4. We all know how the SAd works. Pull them in with a misleading headline, and then feed everyone with half-truths. Or even worse avoid most of the news most of the time. No wonder more people read the Waverley Web than buy a Sorry Advertiser. And, we don’t charge, accept offers of funding or advertisng.

    If people choose to read the WW fine, if they don’t – well that’s entirely their perogative.

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