Grave news for Waverley residents.

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As Benjamin Franklin said in 1789

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” 

Most have accepted that both ‘Your Waverley’ and Surrey Councils, have increased council tax by the maximum 3.9%, but it is the hidden increases, like those outlined in the table below, that go unnoticed. 

Because when ‘Your Waverley’ presented its budget it only chortled on about not putting up car parking charges and continuing its support (not increasing. So a year-on-year reduction)  to the voluntary sector! It failed to mention that hundreds of increases in council charge for everything from recreation to planning, legal searches to dying. All voted through, without comment.

Neither did anyone mention that Surrey County Council has increased its share of council tax 20 times during the past 21 years – and last year was thwarted when it proposed increasing council tax by 15%!

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