Where has all the money gone Part 2?​

Some of the locals have been pouring over The Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust – AKA Cranleigh Village Private Nursing Home Trust’s – annual accounts. But, as per usual, this document throws up more questions than answers … A bit like the recent public meeting, despite an excellent presentation by Cranleigh’s Parish Clerk.

You can read that here: Where has all the money gone? Where has all the money gone?

No wonder the Lions Club is asking for its money back.Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.39.58.png

The accounts have not been examined by forensic accountants, just Derby & Joan, who found them remarkably vague and underwhelming when it comes to any substance or detail.  All items in black are taken from the CVHT 2018 accounts.

The net assets of the company are stated to be £2,621.656 which is, apparently, all down to the value of the land sold by Cranleigh Parish Council for £1.

Yep, you did read that right. Cranleigh Village Private Nursing Home Trust is valued at £2,621.656 based on its purchase of land from Cranleigh Parish Council for a mere £1!

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 13.41.03.png

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY or something more sinister? The word fraud comes to mind but we don’t want to be hasty …

What nincompoop sold the Parish silver for a measly £1? Particularly when it was valued by the District Valuer at the time at £250,000!

However, CVHT’s valuation figure is entirely false. As we understand this is a perceived value of the land when planning permission for a hospital, day hospital and GP Surgery was granted in 2006.

A consent which lapsed in 2012.

Therefore there is currently no planning permission for any development on the land. So what is its value? 

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.24.36.pngStaff costs totalled £24,809 in 2018 which included pension contributions when £7,103 of goods were sold.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.27.22.png

So exactly what were these charitable activities? No explanation is given.

It would appear that Trustee & President Nick Vrijland and wife, have been receiving £12,000 pa and then £9,000 pa in rent for the CVHT shop since its inception – which they conveniently own – until the last few trading, months when it plummeted to £2,250. Yet villagers had been led to believe the shop’s premises were being donated by a generous benefactor. Instead, one of the charity’s Trustees was making money out of the Trust. Conflict of interest or what?

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.30.02.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.30.58.pngIt is well known within the village that the much-lauded “excellent” relationship that CVHT claims to have with Cranleigh Parish Council and The League of Friends DOES NOT exist. Parish records reveal there have been numerous acrimonious exchanges with parish councillors, over the lack of transparency and information. The League of Friends members sought the resignation of CVHT chairman Robin Fawkner Corbett from The League after CVHT  wanted to forge closer links with The League, including taking over or “combining” its £2m+  funds with the Trust’s meagre funds!

The League’s chairman, Diana Davis, also resigned from CVHT!

 Several of The League’s members have informed the WW that it will, NOT,  UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES hand over funds it has collected from villagers in and around Cranleigh since the 1950s to anyone, in particular, the CVHT.

So, not content with snaffling all the funds Cranleigh residents and businesses raised for a replacement Cottage Hospital, the Privately Owned Care Home they are being fobbed off with is now hell-bent on gaining from the monies the villagers have raised for the existing Cottage Hospital. Funds which continue to be used to serve the local population in a way that the new Care Home cannot, will not and does not want to.

So it would seem that the Trustees are upping their game from DAYLIGHT ROBBERY to DEMANDING MONEY WITH MENACE!

Talk about a farce … it would be funny if it wasn’t so damn’d serious!

Accounts claim that…Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.36.07.png So why are the beds now being made available to the residents of Surrey?

Risk identified by the Trust.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.53.06.png

Which quite obviously means, that without consent to build A2Dominion’s (a client of one of the Trustee’s company) that the residential accommodation for health workers, from far and wide,  which contravenes the parish council covenant, this part of the scheme fails!

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.35.47.pngLast but not least?

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 19.58.30

All we can say is. If WIGWAM has been paid for keeping everyone informed, it would appear WIGWAM has remained comfortably ensconced inside its tent! 


3 thoughts on “Where has all the money gone Part 2?​”

  1. You’re talking crap again Kate as usual. CVHT are not asking for League money. That chap who you pictured did not speak for Cranleigh Lions as you know full well. Stop spreading lies and falsehoods that you know to be untrue. Your gave yourself away in your report on the meeting.

  2. We know not to whom you refer? We have no such person as a Kate writing or contributing to the Waverley Web.

    Please Will, be very careful casting aspersions against individuals, who may, or may not have taken photographs at the public meeting. We received three, all anonymous!

    It is well known within the League of Friends that its was CVHT’s heart’s desire to obtain the League’s funds – TRUE.
    Perhaps you would like to read the Position Paper put to the League, by Trustee David Barry outlining​ how the two charities could merge? Ask CVHT to let you have sight of it?

    The report on the meeting was made by the Editor of the Waverley Web, who is a male who does not spread lies or falsehoods. As we have said on many occasions. Tell the truth or someone will tell it for you!

    Perhaps Will you can tell us why CVHT didn’t have the courage to turn up and answer its critics? Critics who have written to us, and who are demanding that their money is returned, so they can re-donate it to causes they believe in, including the L of F.

    As for Cranleigh Lions, it is a reputable organisation. To tarnish an image of an organisation which is held in such high esteem in the East of the borough would be reprehensible.

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