Who are you putting your money on? Captain Potts or Captain Bob?

Getting Waverley’s Local Plan over the finish line is a bit like a Carry On Film – ‘Carry on Regardless!’


        Waverley’s Leader – Cllr Julia Potts – v – 
 Captain Bob Lies, or is it Able Semen master of all he surveys at the helm of  SS Protect Our Waverley. 

Here’s an interesting quote from Captain Julia aboard SS Waverley in response to a Government sanction on councils, including Waverley, for under delivering its housing supply.


Does she realise this could mean less housing in the long run, but MORE houses in the short-term to accommodate the Waverley buffer? 
Are the Neighbourhood Plans actually threatened? Most quotas contained in the Neighbourhood Plans of Waverley’s towns and villages have already been met!

Hmm… interesting…very interesting? You can read why in the link below.

Waverley has been sanctioned by the Government for under delivering its housing supply.
Lady at the helm of Good Ship Waverley – Julia Potts, said:

“This news is obviously extremely disappointing for us, but we will, of course, be vigorously defending our adopted Local Plan; the plan we believe represents the best possible vision for the borough’s future.
“It means we can work in partnership with the borough’s towns and parishes to develop Neighbourhood Plans, so communities can mould new development where they live. It means we can safeguard our borough against inappropriate development.
“It should be remembered that Waverley did not bring this legal action, but we have to defend both the borough and town and parish councils, whose Neighbourhood Plans are now threatened by this action. We all want appropriate plan-led development and we did everything possible at the inspection to defend a lower housing number.
“It is extremely disappointing that a few determined individuals continue to raise these legal challenges, despite the High Court upholding the Local Plan following the hearing in October 2018 and despite it having been approved by a government inspector.
“We are committed to preserving and protecting the adopted Local Plan. It will remain our principal planning document and continue to guide our planning decisions.”

3 thoughts on “Who are you putting your money on? Captain Potts or Captain Bob?”

  1. Julia Potts and others conveniently forget that the Inspector agreed that Waverley’s submitted Local Plan projected housing need numbers did not reflect the then more recent and fewer projections and could be lowered. The Inspector then amazingly increased the number needed for 50% of Woking’s unmet need. This is now the subject of the legal action

  2. Yes, we wholeheatedly agree, but in the meantime, whilst these challenges continue the countryside around Farnham, Godalming’s Green Belt and in the East go under concrete. Whilst not one home has been built on the largest brownfield site in the borough – at Dunsfold Aerodrome. Due to years of legal challenges.

    Are we wrong when we say, that all this legal action has been about preventing development at Dunsfold now and in the future?

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