Cranleigh residents ask​: Why are we waiting?


For over 20 years a Cranleigh Charity has been collecting public cash – £1.5m and counting – telling donors they are on the verge of getting a new replacement hospital.

That cunning plan was replaced by a Private Nursing Home – to include 20 community beds for Cranleigh people!

That was scrapped for another cunning plan – a private nursing home with 20 beds for the residents of Guildford & Waverley.

Which was scrapped for more of the same but – with an added health workers hostel for Cranleigh health professionals?  Getting the picture? …. Which was then scrapped to provide accommodation for health workers from anywhere, any time any place?

 Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust issued a joint statement with Surrey County Council and NHS Guildford & Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group in support of the proposed new nursing home and hostel application which was to have been considered by Waverley Planners on 28th January???

So where is it – Does CVHT have yet another cunning plan up its sleeve?

In the meantime – is Cranleigh Parish Council – which handed its land over to the charity for one pound in return for a playing field (The Bruce McKenzie) surrounded by a ransom strip  – having second thoughts? A scheme which had included safe pathways under planning conditions imposed by Waverley 12 years ago, which were never carried out prompting Waverley to consider either enforcement notice against the charity or closing the pitch down.

 We have heard that one parish councillor, former school teacher Rosemary Burbridge, is stomping around Cranleigh calling her colleagues and the parish clerk, rotten for protecting villagers’ interests whilst at the same time holding her own meetings with the developer. Whilst another borough councillor Deputy Mayor of Waverley announced in pre-election members meeting that she intends to support the nursing home scheme – thereby ruling her self out of the debate altogether. To pre-determine, an application before it is considered is against the Joint Planning Committee’s rules.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 16.33.42.png

The Charity clearly has a beef with the Dunsfold Developer, landing a sly punch to the kidneys in the final paragraph of their report to the Planners:

Saying ‘Previously the CCG has highlighted concerns to Waverley council about affordable housing in relation to the Dunsfold development. We are delighted that the CVHT has had the foresight to include an affordable accommodation block and are confident that this will be made full use and support local delivery of care.’

Considering the Dunsfold Developer was known to be one of the biggest supporters and contributors to CVHT fundraising until it discovered that its generosity was being diverted into the coffers of a private nursing home and not a new replacement Village Hospital they’d been promised, isn’t that’s a bit rich! Particularly when the so-called Charity – is not providing villagers with what it promised on the tin?  A Day Hospital – with services, which now villagers are calling for in the old village hospital?

In the meantime, we have heard from villagers – that they are calling for a public meeting.





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  1. A number of people have contacted us asking wo is the deputy mayor of Waverley?
    Surprised, they didn’t know – it is Mary Foryszewski. OK?

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