Send your troops into Wonersh Cllr Follows.

Cllr Paul Follows is quite right to be upset that only 18 members of Waverley Borough Council completed a survey on whether councillors believe that the borough’s social housing tenants felt stigmatised. A survey which was prompted by the crass remarks made by Wonersh councillor Michael – GoodRiddance – that no such problem existed. 

What excuse did the other 39 councillors give for not responding – we wonder?

We ask Councillor Goodridge – how would you know about council tenants’ concerns?

Has he ever rocked up on the doorsteps of the one hundred social/council housing tenants of Wonersh?

No – he is far more conversant with the residents of Wonersh Park and one particular resident’s concerns that a  “duck island” in the lake has spoiled his view! We have trawled through the Wonersh Design Statement and can find no mention of council homes! Here’s what it says:

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.01.54.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 09.45.10.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 09.24.01.pngScreen Shot 2019-02-08 at 09.44.30.png

3 thoughts on “Send your troops into Wonersh Cllr Follows.”

  1. Looking at Wonersh – You cannot help but think that this Village which has a fairly Large Population of 3412 (in the 2011 Census) has had it easy I struggle to find any major applications despite it being close to Guildford and Shalford Train Stations and easy access to the A3 via Compton. No doubt most of the applications are for “Commuter homes” and not Social Housing or even 50 plus Home Developments such as Alfold have had to put up with. (Alfold Population is just 1059 in the 2011 Census)

    No Wonder Cllr Goodridge can sit on his hands and is re-elected – he doesn’t appear to have had to fight for anything much for his Village. Wonersh contains three Conservation Areas and spans an area three to six miles SSE of Guildford. In the outer London commuter belt, the village is 28 miles southwest of London – Handy!!

    I understand that there is AONB and a lot of Listed buildings – Wonersh has 106 Listed Buildings and Alfold 46 but then Wonersh is almost 3 times the size of Alfold so Big Deal!

    They are however only allocated 30 New homes in LPP1 as opposed to the other SMALLER villages in the East
    Alfold 125
    Dunsfold 100
    Ewhurst 100

    There is something horribly Skewed here………

  2. Yes horribly skewed. But everytime there is a planning application elsewhere – regardless of whether it is sitting in floodwater, on narrow country lanes, where there is little or no infrasturcture – up goes his hand!

    Fair or what?

  3. Of course his hand goes up – It is attached to strings that are pulled very cleverly by Liz the Biz – if it isn’t in Cranleigh… It could be coming to Wonersh!

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