‘Is Your Waverley’ gearing up the troops to​ gag Farnham’s Hyman?


Here’s a health warning to anyone out there who may be considering standing for public office – at ‘Your Waverley.’

As we are only a couple of months away from the May elections, this is an opportune moment for us to issue a timely warning.


 Where possible keep your mouth shut and your hand up – and don’t question or expect answers from the plumply salaried Stazi rulers of Waverley Towers. 

Because committing that mortal sin of being true to yourself and the people who elected you will see you end up in the same heavy duty dog doo that Farnham Residents’ Councillor Jerry Hyman, has pitched himself into –  up to his neck.

You know the councillor who opposed inappropriate overdevelopment on Cranleigh’s floodplains; also, off numerous narrow country roads in the borough; near Farnham/Elstead/Haslemere Special Protection Area (SPA) without proper assessment of the likely consequences.   He also opposed development on former green belt land in Godalming at Aarons Hill.

HE argued that Non-Material Amendments (NMA’s) on Farnham’s Blightwells were not “non-material.”  This forced planners into referring them to councillors to decide …  the 24/7 closure of the Farnham by-pass which would have wrecked Farnham’s traders’  Christmas. Do you recognise him now? 

 On Friday he appears before Waverleys Standards Committee which has already decided he is GUILTY as charged. Goliath gave David a chance to engage with the process and apologise, but he wouldn’t play the game, stubborn or what? Though he did once and it resulted in a heart attack, followed immediately by heart surgery.

Oh, and in case you are interested in all the CONFIDENTIAL information – minus Mr Hyman’s statement of defence, was there for all to see on Waverley’s website. DON’T LOOK IT’S GONE. Perhaps this was put in the public domain to embarrass Councillor Hyman further?

The WW wrote to Cllr Hyman seeking comment on the above, to which he has not responded, perhaps he’s not allowed? However, we received this message from the Monitoring Officer – which you will note, contains no apology for the serious error. Must be confidential or it wouldn’t have been removed, would it?

We will, of course, agree to the council’s request and remove the offending e-mail. 

Dear sir/madam

Your email to Cllr Jerry Hyman of 26 January 23:04 has been shared with me. You are correct that the detailed papers should not have yet been available online. These papers are not classified as exempt from the public under legislation however under our internal arrangements for standards hearings they were not due to be published prior to Friday.

As you state in your email, the papers included the email address for Waverley’s Independent Person and this should have been redacted from all papers. The Council has today contacted both Ms Cameron and the Information Commissioner’s Office to alert them to this.

When the Standards Panel resolves to publish the detailed papers at item 3 of their business on Friday, the full set of papers (with the Independent Person’s email address redacted) will be posted online and made available in hard copy to anyone in attendance. I would request that you do not share any of the papers you obtained prior to that point and in particular do not publish the page including that disclosing the Independent Person’s email address at any point. I would be grateful if you could delete any documentation containing that email address and refer instead to the version of papers which will be published on Friday.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Robin Taylor
Head of Policy and Governance (Monitoring Officer)
Waverley Borough Council

Whose head will roll for that little error?  Nobody, because there is only accountability for some at ‘Your Waverley.’ And, never if you are a Tory and almost never if you are an officer. We all make mistakes. Here at the WW, we apologise – Mea Culpa, Maxima Mea Culpa. The difference between us and  Waverley Borough Council it – NEVER MAKES MISTAKES. 

In fact, having read through a bible of information from an  ‘Independent’ – panel member, and an outside Consultant brought in by ‘Your Waverley’ who has trousered our council tax cash but admits he has “no legal knowledge”  Farnham’s  champion for the protection of our natural environment  – doesn’t stand as much chance of success as Nelson does of getting his eye back. Possibly Nelson’s chances are greater? 

Because in a nutshell – Your Waverley” still accepts Natural England’s opinion on International Environmental Law – despite the Sweetman case having proved them wrong. – But of course – ‘Your Waverley’ will continue to ignore it – along with others. The Sweetman Judgement read it here- paragraph 35-38. http://curia.europa.eu/juris/document/document.jsf;jsessionid=3F9139A41D9912E1A7DFC1C79DC6A206?text=&docid=200970&pageIndex=0&doclang=en&mode=lst&dir=&occ=first&part=1&cid=9256487

But the best way of shutting up a councillor is to drag him/her before the Monitoring Officer for a good slap, be put on the naughty step and told to Beeehaaave  – and apologise. However, if you are committed to obeying Environmental Law – you know the laws that protect our natural habitat the Wealden heaths, the birds, bees, flora and fauna that are disappearing fast… you could be thrown off Waverley’s influential Joint Planning Committee. Why not just wipe out endangered species, that is happening all over our borough.

Fear, not prospective councillors – you can fall asleep Sweet Dreams are made of this? – and Sleepy will probably chair the Standards Committee – you can even insult the eastern villages off piste like this As two of Your Waverley councillors sneer and deride the villages of Ewhurst and Cranleigh, officers are daft enough to remove the incriminating remarks from U-Tube.

But don’t ever dare,  criticise, or tell the officers that they might be wrong.   What’s more, don’t you dare to stand up for what YOU believe is right – particularly if you have the misfortune to be part of the POLITICAL OPPOSITION – because they will gag you. So-play nicely – or else!

As Lord Lambing said in the Victoria Climbie Inquiry: “Councillors must not accept at face value what they are told.”

Unless of course they happen to be part of the rotten borough of Waverley.

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.52.38.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.53.35.png

Here’s a paragraph from the Consultant’s report.

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.59.23.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.59.51.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 12.00.19.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.32.46.pngScreen Shot 2019-01-28 at 11.26.37H

Annexe 8 Alex Oram – Final report Councillor Hyman issued to all parties 8.6.18_Redacted2



16 thoughts on “‘Is Your Waverley’ gearing up the troops to​ gag Farnham’s Hyman?”

    1. But when it is a Waverley Partner – CNS – then whammy be non material to you and i – is not non-material to them.

      It is one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

      WW watched the webcast and heard the explanation. Gerry Hyman should be congratulated for keeping officers on their toes because most of the rest are just voting fodder.

      However there has ben a volte face in recent weeks – couldn’t be because there is an election around the corner – could it?

  1. I think Mr Oram’s comments were actually very Measured. It is the Whinging of the Waverley Legal team that gets my goat… They are so Precious!! Boo Hoo someone dares to say we may have got it wrong. The Young man (can’t remember his name) quite often seems to stumble over some of the Legal Questions and others simply Repeat what they said previously as if by saying it Over & Over again will somehow make it right.

    As for Cllrs Isherwood and Cockburn they have been more than Rude in the past and we know that Complaints raised have been brushed under the carpet and Yes they were “Spoken to….”

    Perhaps if Members were given the Paperwork in a more timely fashion they wouldn’t have to wait until they are in the Chamber to have to raise the issues. I noticed yesterday that the Area Planning Meeting (Western) for tomorrow 30th Jan still has no papers on the website… Nothing like keep the peasants in the dark!

    1. Oh Look Western Meeting tomorrow is Cancelled…. Guess someone at WBC reads this Website??? A Little More notice would be useful.

      However the Southern Meeting is still going ahead.
      The Haslemere Application WA/2018/0408 – Georgian House Hotel, 37-41 High Street, Haslemere – is another example of Officers suggesting that Planning should be granted. Would love to know how much was spent on “Independent Consultants” on this one??

      I understand the Business was failing – But having worked in the Hospitality sector for many years I fail to see how a Pub with 12 bedrooms will be a more viable business. But maybe a Good Pub/Restaurant with rooms would be an improvement… I do not know the area well enough and I wish them well if I wasn’t so sceptical.

      But what they plan to do with the Hotel Extension/Spa is just appalling. Nothing like removing TPO trees and building high buildings next to Grade II listed Buildings even in an Urban area is terrible. Insufficient Car Parking and guess what – NO AFFORDABLE HOUSING…. Well if you cannot afford to build 16 Flats and 3 Mews “Cottages” – You shouldn’t apply for it.

      As you know WW, I look beyond the confines of the East of the Borough and the more I see the worse I feel.

  2. Well said – you wouldn’t last five minutes at Waverley Towers Denise. You would end up in the same position as Cllr Hyman on Friday. Up to your neck in it! Oh if only there were more like you – you should be cloned.

  3. Hi everyone – it’s obviously totally
    Correct that officers, councillors, anyone basically can raise a grievance and it be heard fairly. But it’s also absolutely fundamental that anyone accused in that process be treated fairly in the process too. (Pretty much word for word what I said to senior officers of the council in an email yesterday evening).

    The fairly minimal reforms to the standards committee (formerly panel) that I managed to get earlier in the year at least gives the broader opposition some formal standing in this process – though only relative to their proportion of the council.

    I must admit my first reaction to seeing some of the papers online was – as has been said here , a little bit of hypocrisy regarding conduct on the part of some of the individuals involved…

    I very much hope a full and fair hearing is undertaken on Friday (for all sides) and that the borough has apologised accordingly both to Cllr Hyman and a few others!

    1. So you read all the papers on-line too. No mistakes among Waverley Borough Council employees then Cllr Follows?
      As for your comments about a “little bit of hypocrisy” we think more like – rather a lot.

      Councillor Peter Isherwood can insult Cllr Hyman whenever the mood takes him. In fact he cuts off anyone – including you – whenever the mood takes him. He insults tthe genuinely concerned residents of Ewhurst`& Cranleigh – rubbishes their views and the character of those villages. Did he and his unning-mate Carole Cockburn get called before the Standards Board? Did they apologise? If so it should be made to the villagers they offended.

      As for an apology – there is more chance of Nelson getting his eye back.

      As one councillor told us here at the Waverley Web. Waverley Council doesn’t make mistakes!

      Pass the shovel to pick up the Bullsh*t.

      If they kick Hyman off the JPC – which is what this is all about – then at last they will have their way.

      Who next? The outspoken Tory Cranleigh Councillor Liz Townsend; or perhaps the outspoken councillor for Godalming Central and Ockford? Then with the opposition out of the way it can really be full steam ahead for all the developers lining up to bury – the borough in concrete.

      Perhaps there will be eough left over in the Concrete Mixer to Bury The Burys?

      1. I certainly looked through the papers. It’s fair to say I have been present for around half of the occasions they refer to (some clearly happened before my own election).

        One of my main issue with the standard process is how is its composition. I’ve made that very clear in the past.

        I can only comment on discussions with officers for which I have been present – but some topics have got quite fractious of late. I would also agree that certain councillors should certainly be less blind to their own conduct issues.

        Beyond your examples (which I of course do not disagree with – I saw that clip and was at that meeting) I think when councillors flat out ignore their residents (as I’ve observed at least 6 councillors do in Godalming and the villages on a regular basis) + that Farnham matter – that should be investigated with equal vigour.

        And 🙂 – they wouldn’t bring me before that panel, they aren’t quite that silly!

    2. Just to clarify my issues with hypocrisy are any of those members taking up the banner in this hearing.

      1. You can bet your best boots – that Isherwood will be there to cast the first stone and Sleepy will be in the chair. – “Because I am a Solicitor and I know the law – it wasn’t me your honour that was once found guilty of being in contempt of court!

        Let’s hope he can stay awake throughout the long proceedings?

        Perhaps he will have something to say about ll the Confidential information being spread on the Internet. He may even apologise on the council’s behalf – but don’t hold your breath.

  4. I will look forward to seeing the Outcome on Friday!! Cllr. Hyman should be applauded for his dogged determination to ensure that decisions made by WBC are Fully Compliant with CURRENT LEGISLATION as it seems that too often Officers are reliant upon Outdated reports etc. (as you have pointed out regarding the Housing Needs Assessment)

    Fear Not WW I have no intention of ever standing for any position within the Council. I have neither the patience, dedication or tolerance of Stupidity that is required to be a Good Councillor!

  5. Great pity because the Conservative Yes men/women are all lining up to provide us with more of the same.

    We watched devious Cranleigh wannabee councillors lining up with those presenting the Petition to stop the closure of the Recycling Centres. Then putting up their pictures on Social Media. They never miss a trick.

    However, well done to the thousands of residents in the East for stopping that stupid proposal in its tracks – for at least six months.

    What Wally ever thought that dumb idea up? That Consultation which has now gone into the trash bin – cost thousands of pounds.

  6. WW Tell me I am not dreaming?? Been so up my own jacksy with VAT & Tax returns I missed this – does this mean we get to keep Cranleigh RC?? Forgive my ignorance – But I have missed this please point me in the right direction.

  7. Yes,​ it has been saved – for the time being anyway. The County Council is going to conduct a – “Strategic Review” of all the Recycling Centres including yours over there in Cranleigh. But there has to be a change in use – a bit too complicated to explain here. But will write a post on it.

    At least you are out of the woods/rubbish for now. Good news all round for you all, but you will have to provide more recycling – and not him indoors!!

  8. Hehe WW – I don’t need an excuse New Puppy provides more than enough – In Cardboard and chewed recycling bottles – after she has squished them to an acceptable standard!! No need to Dump the OH just yet

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