The ‘Don’t dump the dump’ campaign works​ for​ Farnham – but not for Cranleigh and​ the eastern villages?

Here in Farnham, there is jubilation that the  County Council has decided not to close our town dump. – But there might not be such good news next Tuesday for the village dubbed by Waverley councillors as  – “poor old Cranleigh.” 

Here’s what one Cranleigh man said: Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 13.55.51.png



Perhaps all those in the East will give the Foreign Secretary and MP for Farnham a toot on their horns as they pass on their way to Witley? Or, will they go through Godalming and add to the traffic there?


Here’s our Farnham Herald today.

The huge outcry from Farnham people was heard by the county’s decision-makers, but sadly when the county meets on Tuesday (29 January) it recommends dumping Cranleigh. 

Despite being Waverley’s latest growth town in the East of the borough – 1,800 homes proposed on Dunsfold Aerodrome –  1,700 + in Cranleigh + hundreds more in nearby villages – residents could be forced to travel to Witley to dispose of their rubbish.  

More than 12,000 people responded to the recycling centre consultation. The only two centres Surrey’s “kitchen cabinet”  proposes saving are Lyne in Chertsey and ours in Farnham. Residents in the East are already travelling across the county boundary into West Sussex, but measures are being taken by the counties’ recycling authority to stop border-bouncing.

Let’s all dump on poor old Witley?

Among the cuts proposed in its “transformation programme” to save £200m, the county council will close 37 children’s centres on Tuesday – including those in Waverley – and is withdrawing concessionary bus passes for disabled people and their companions before and after 11pm on weekdays. Next on the hit list could be local libraries. 

Or perhaps – Cranleigh’s county councillor Dr Andrew Povey, who said three years ago he would oppose further housing development over there –  can pull something out of the bag – and stop the closure?




3 thoughts on “The ‘Don’t dump the dump’ campaign works​ for​ Farnham – but not for Cranleigh and​ the eastern villages?

  1. So why do Farnham get to keep theirs???? Biggest Town in the Borough with a Very Large Voice, unlike Cranleigh who are CURRENTLY the smallest and no doubt the easiest to DUMP ON – Why isn’t Dr Povey Jumping up and down and supporting Cranleigh??? if he is I haven’t heard anything

  2. Why indeed – someone somewhere most definitely has it in for Cranleigh.

    Perhaps it was all those “secret meetings” between your councillors and Waverley borough and county council officers that prompted them all to dump on the east of the borough. Houses we mean.

    Over here in Farnham, we shouted very, very loud and our county councillors did their bit at County Towers. In our favour was a decision by Hampshire to stop us travelling over the border. We understand West Sussex are taking measures to stop you too!

    We watched your Dr Povey who gave a very meek and mild show of distaste at the possible closure and we haven’t seen or heard much of him since he sat in Councillor Alan Young’s hot seat!

    However, your borough councillor Liz Townsend did you all proud over there. She put up a valiant fight when Waverley’s Partnership meeting with the ​county was held shortly before Christmas, sadly to no avail. But 10 out of 10 for trying.

    We suggest that everyone toots their horn outside the Foreign Secretary’s home in Markwick Lane on their way over to dump on Witley. Or, perhaps a few e-mails to Anne Milton – your MP?

    Perhaps Dr Povey will tell us here at the Waverley Web all about his efforts. We are happy to publicise them.

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