When will Waverley drop the shops at Blightwells?

Did you miss the revised Waverley timeline for Blightwells Yard in Farnham?


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Will the Waverley Wallies and the County Bozos shape-up and follow Guildford Borough Council’s example and drop the shops?

The neighbouring borough has obviously read the retail runes. It intends to -abandon its ambitious retail development in North Street and provide more housing.  Council leader Paul Spooner said:

 “Like any sensible council, we have looked again at the retail market and  agree to now progress  with a primarily  residential-based scheme.”

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Maybe, we’ve missed the latest retail unit that has rocked up to Waverley/Surrey Councils offering to take one of their posh new shops in the aptly named -Blightwells Yard?  Because let’s face it we all know how popular it is!

  Only 5,833

… voted against the East Street development which Waverley and its New Best Friend (NBF) Surrey County Council have foisted upon us all. Perhaps as a kind of punishment for seeking Independence a few years ago?  Now a two-way punishment on the now chaotic one-way A31 dual carriageway using our dwindling taxpayer’s money!

Breaking new from Santander. They’re closing their banks in Godalming, Haslemere & Guildford later this year. More empty shops in our  High Streets?

Now that Farnham town is gridlocked most of the time with traffic, we are all wondering how many more of our existing shops will put up the closed signs? After watching the site deteriorate for 14 years, and watching it resemble a war zone for the past 18 months, Farnham people are asking “haven’t you punished us enough.”

What clever planners we have? Who in their right mind decides that Berkeley’s scheme to demolish Woolmead can go ahead at the same time as the redevelopment of East Street. A development containing not one “affordable home.” Some supporters believe that getting rid of the eyesore is a bonus, others hoped that just a few of Farnham’s period features could have been included in the new development plans. But hey, ho, so much better to have a block of residential flats that look more like Inland Revenue offices. Because whatever they do to it, it can never look worse than what was there before.





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