Common sense goes out of ‘Your Waverley’s’ window.

Watching ‘Your Waverley’ spending ‘Our Money’ has never been WW’s favourite way to find pleasure, so we’re more than delighted to be able, to sum up, the Waverley budget charade with a well-fitting cartoon found lurking on a Farnham facebook group post.

Council Tax Increase cartoon.jpg
And together with our new best friends, we are investing over £50m in Farnham’s Blightwells shops?

As you’d expect, ‘Your Waverley’ is proposing another above-inflation increase in Council Tax. There will be hefty hikes in most  Fees and Charges, (even dying gets more expensive.) In life and death, let’s squeeze a little bit more out of the voting fodder rather than tackle the unpleasant job of cleaning up and streamlining the crumbling Burys operation. The three-week ‘public’ process of budget setting began last night with the O  & S committee, 

The Conservative administration’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee proposed a 2.99% rise in the Waverley precept – the maximum currently allowed by the government – will then be shoved through at the Executive Meeting scheduled for 6pm on 5th February, before it’s adoption by the Full Council Meeting at 7pm on 12th February.
Sadly the unusually sparse committee papers provide precious little detail of where the big numbers come from, so we can but hope that someone is keeping a beady eye behind the scenes for us here at the Waverley Web. We love hearing from officers who are as disenchanted as we are?  

The Waverley Precept forms roughly 10% of the overall Council Tax Bill that we pay, with some going to Surrey Police, and the lion’s share going to Surrey County Council. Last year Surrey hiked up their precept with an extra Adult Social Care increase.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 13.27.43.png

This year we’ve also had Surrey Police Commissioner David Munro begging. “Please, sir can we have more?’ Which judging from the crime-wave sweeping the county, he certainly needs something.

In Cranleigh, – there were 19 incidents – yes 19 in one night last week, the village where developers are knocking £20,000 off new homes and offering more incentives than PPI. Soon no doubt buyers will buy one get one free?

So we can forget about improved efficiency, we must simply get used to the idea of paying more and more for dwindling services. Read a post we made earlier.  Let’s all dump on poor old Witley?

Who, we wonder, is serving who?

Surrey County Council decided yesterday  – despite massive objection – to close 31 children’s centres right across the county – including those in the borough of Waverley. These include centres in Haslemere; Cranleigh; and Farnham. 

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