Has Cranleigh Parish Council thrown a spanner in the works of a charity’s efforts to build a private nursing home on land once owned by villagers?​


Seemingly Cranleigh Parish Council went behind closed doors to consider what action it would take regarding a charity’s bid to build an 80-bed nursing home + 20 community beds + 26 residential flats on land it once owned.

How refreshing it is to see that despite going into CONFIDENTIAL session to discuss the matter – it was (a) on the Agenda signalling its intention to do so, but more important (b) to actually publish its decision.

Take a leaf of transparency out of one of your parish council’s books Waverley Borough Council.

 What goes on behind YOUR  closed doors stays behind them!!

It appears the council, once partnered the charitable organisation Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust (CVHT) when it had the noble aim of replacing the old cottage hospital. We understand this was derailed when the GP’s pulled out of a scheme started almost 20 years ago. However, it has now moved so far away from the original concept that it appears, the council has begun to regret giving away public land for £1 despite receiving a replacement playing field in nearby Knowle Lane. The planning application to be considered by Waverley Planners shortly – has moved so far away from the original concept – it isn’t any longer what it says on the tin. We understand some donors, (over £1.5m was collected) are calling for their money back, but have been refused!

 It is believed the parish’s planning committee narrowly supported the application before Christmas – however, according to the council minutes it has now OBJECTED to the residential part of the scheme due to a covenant that exists. WW understands neither the council or villagers who fundraised to replace the old hospital, ever envisaged residential accommodation on the land. Particularly apartments for health workers from far and wide including cleaners. Residences that could become unrestricted at any time. Neither is the council happy about its land being used for a private nursing home – despite 20 beds being allocated to patients of the Guildford & Waverley Commissioning Group and the county council. There is no written agreement.

Surrey County Council recently told Waverley councillors including the Cranleigh Parish Council Chairman,  that no joint budget for adult social care has been agreed yet between it and the NHS.

In a bizarre twist – a Cranleigh man is now calling for the old hospital to become a minor injuries unit and revert to being a Day Hospital – all of which was originally proposed in its replacement.

Here’s the petition link: https://www.change.org/p/andy-webb-open-cranleigh-hospital-minor-injury-clinic-and-day-hospital?recruiter=927243236&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=Search%3ESAP%3EUK%3ENonBrand-Tier%201%3ECreation%3EBMM&utm_content=fht-14142835-en-gb%3Av5

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7 thoughts on “Has Cranleigh Parish Council thrown a spanner in the works of a charity’s efforts to build a private nursing home on land once owned by villagers?​

  1. So glad to see a parish council that is open and transparent. My children saved their pocket money and gave to this cause . Still asking where their money went they are now grown men wanting an answer ? It seems to me the cause they payed into is simply a private business with no conscience

  2. Yes, it was quite a revelation for us too. Perhaps others will follow Cranleigh Parish council’s good example.

    As for your children, now grown men, or for any other members of the public who supported what they thought was a very worthwhile cause they have been badly let down.

    They have, quite simply been sold a pup, and sadly it will come back to bite them, other reputable charities, and the people of Cranleigh.

    Perhaps Cranleigh parish council will be successful in preventing the residential accommodation due to the covenants they obviously have in place – but we are doubtful this will form any sort of grounds for a planning objection. There is a lot of money to be made here by a private nursing home provider. WW wonders how much those private nursing home beds will cost and whether any of your average locals will ever be able to afford them? Perhaps someone should ask the so-called​ “Charity.”

    As for the parish council… now it has had its fingers well and truly burned, it will be a little more careful in future before giving away land or local assets owned by the townsfolk.

    Here in Farnham we have been duped many times, and have lost many treasured assets.

  3. We have been contacted by a number of Cranleigh people fearful of entering comments on this blog, for fear of reprisals. We wonder why?

    May we assure everyone that when you enter your e-mail address this is not made public to anyone – except our Editor – who treats this information in the strictest confidence.

    You may use any name or pseudonym you wish.

  4. I can assure you we had a VERY interesting councillors briefing on this for JPC members on Monday…it’s a shame sometimes those briefings are not in public.

    I’m sure you understand as this is an application coming up (and as a JPC member) I can’t specificially comment but I think that will be an interesting session (and site visit – as both Cllr Townsend and I have requested).

    Was also the very first time I’ve seen both Cllrs Stennett at a meeting and certainly the first time I’ve heard either speak.

    Interesting how other councillors react to the them…

  5. You may be assured the Stennett duo will be there to vote a very emphatic YES to this one. However, if they were acting properly – according to Waverley’s rules – they would be declaring an interest. But hey ho – since when did they obey Waverley’s rules?

  6. WW wonders what that legal advice will contain – when the Parish Council next meets? Perhaps the spider will creep in to listen.

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