Stop Moaning Munro and do something​ about your patch.

This post on social featured below will send shivers down your spine – following the recent horrendous murder in Guildford.

The weapon used to kill Lee Pomeroy (51) has still not been found and police are appealing for anyone who may have seen anything suspicious at Waverley’s Frensham Great ponds car park early last Friday evening to contact them urgently. Detectives believe a  suspect with a young child may have been behaving in an unusual way. If you were in the vicinity and saw anything – please contact Surrey police.

Former Farnham Waverley Borough and Surrey County Councillor David Munro recently bleated about his ‘disappointment’ at not being reselected as the Conservative candidate for Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner.

Perhaps he should ask himself WHY? Here’s a social media clip we received. Like to comment on this Police & Crime Commissioner Munro?  You can contact us any time at

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 18.20.56.png

So PCC Munro – do you still want the job?


Guildford Train Murder – Farnham Man and Woman Charged

A man Farnham has been charged with the murder of Lee Pomeroy, 51, following an incident at Horsley station on January 4.

The victim was attacked within minutes of boarding a London train at London Road station, Guildford. He was accompanied by his 14-year-old son.

Darren Shane Pencille, 35, of Willbury Road, Farnham, has been charged with murder and possession of an offensive weapon in connection to a fatal incident on board a train from Guildford to London.

He has been charged with murder and his partner with assisting him in his escape.

Chelsea Mitchell, 27, of Willbury Road, Farnham, has also been charged with assisting an offender. She has been remanded in custody and will appear at Staines Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

Surrey Police had earlier been given an additional 12 hours, following their arrest to question the suspects. They were arrested at their address in Willbury Road, Farnham.

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