Yesterday… no room at the Inn. To-day no room in the bin?

No room at the Inn for 24 Cranleigh families?


Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 09.33.46.pngAs we prepare for the Christmas festivities, unleash foodstuffs and gifts from their plastic/wooden cardboard containers – dozens of them – let’s spare a thought for those poor old Surrey County and Waverley Borough councillors. Because after Christmas and the closure of the consultation period on January 4 the county council has to get to grips with the conundrum?  To close or not to close our recycling centres here in Farnham and in Cranleigh? And if they do, our borough councillors may have to pick up the detritus in their ‘bring bins?’

Sadly, Cranleigh looks a dead cert as its RC is deemed (by the county council) to be the least used RC in the county!  And anyway, its residents claim they live in a village? However, Farnham people have almost raised the Riot Act in their opposition to the closure of its huge town recycling centre. Particularly as we will be forced to cross the county boundary into Hampshire, and pay for the privilege of using its facilities.

So what will we all do in 2019? Stop buying and giving? Stop gardening? Stop moving house and extending our properties? Shall we have Bonfire Night every month? Or shall we demand that our essential services remain, and local government staff no long receive final salary pensions – and live like the rest of us who lost ours years ago?

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One thought on “Yesterday… no room at the Inn. To-day no room in the bin?”

  1. Local Authorities with unaffordable pensions driving up local council taxes working for Developers and subsidising Developers to ensure that they make maximum profit with maximum disruption and pollution by over developing towns to ensure they become unhealthy places to live in cheap-builds that remorselessly deliver unearned millions to Developer Boards in bonuses.

    Merry Christmas and an equitable 2019.

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