No room at the Inn for 24 Cranleigh families?

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It may be Christmas Time, Mistletoe & Wine for some of us – but it is more like a Bleak Mid-Winter for the residents of Penwerris- a home of multiple occupancies in Cranleigh New Town. They learned just before Christmas they are about to lose their homes.

Because the property at 124 – 118 Horsham Road, Cranleigh will soon be demolished to make way for a block of 24 des reses for over 55’s (oh! and that’s old in planner-speak). And a few houses – which are now “bungalows” in planner-speak. By  Renaissance Retirement. A one bedroom flat according to the company’s site will cost around £450,000. A snip really?

When the 24 families, including young children, heard Waverley Planning Officers say that their particular homelessness circumstances were…

 not a planning issue” and they would be dealt with by “our housing department`” and  once evicted would be offered accommodation in “a Woking hostel.” 

No Waverley hostels? Really…None? No room in our Inn?

So they can all sleep soundly in their beds this Chrismas in the full knowledge that all will be well? Won’t it?

 Cranleigh councillor Patricia Ellis declared an interest in the scheme, presumably because she wants to occupy one of the des reses? One of the Stennett duos voted against the other half voted for the scheme – which balances things out nicely.

 Cranleigh Councillors and Deputy Mayor Mary Foryszewski voted for the scheme but has since offered her help to the grieving families, which will no doubt reassure them but Councillor Elizabeth Townsend was vehemently opposed and said so in her own inimitable style. 

So the onward march of concrete continues unabated over there in Cranleigh – and in the New Year, there will no doubt, be more to come? Maybe, just maybe, just a few of those oh! so desirable affordable homes coming Cranleigh’s way will be providing a bed or two for the residents of Penwerris? After all, isn’t that who they are being built for – or is it downsizers from London?

Let’s hope the Sorry Advertiser, a regular reader of the Waverley Web, picks this up and runs with it and gives is a splash all over its front page?

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7 thoughts on “No room at the Inn for 24 Cranleigh families?”

  1. I watched this one – appalling… Dumping these poor people into a Hostel so they can build luxury apartments. Retirement homes – it is a joke – who can afford to retire at 55 or even 65 ??? Wishful Bally thinking..and of course because they will be Oldies they will only need parking for one car…

    It has clarified one thing for me however – I now know that I live in a Bungalow… yes I have a two storey cottage – but obviously that is the New Bungalow according to Planners.

    I hope Waverley have a wonderful Christmas and sleep well knowing what they have done.

  2. If the planners say it is a bungalow – then it is a bungalow. Because she who must be obeyed says so? When they start building multi-storey buildings with 4/5 storeys they will no doubt be houses? Let’s face it the world has gone made.
    Yesterday I went to Waitrose to buy two jars of mincemeat and kept a queue of about 30 people waiting… because you have to have a supervisor to vet the mincemeat and validate the purchase because it contains alcohol. Beam us all up Scottie!!

  3. Has not this building been on the cards for a long time to be sold off and all the residents given notice time well in advance. To the best of my knowledge most of these residents are adult individuals and not families with small childern. I understand from local young people who have stayed there that it has not been an enjoyable experience and have felt uncomfortable and intimidated by others. Let’s concentrate on finding out the needs of these people. Maybe somewhere with its own personal facilities not sharing bathroom ! is more important to them whether it is in Cranleigh Woking Guildford or Godalming or even Farnham.
    Was it not true that the neighbours on the Horsham Road were rather pleased when they heard that Penwerris would be changing from a hostel?!!!!!!!

  4. Perhaps the accommodation is not up to scratch, but then we understand from the people who are living there that it has not received very much attention in reent years – WW wonders why? Of course the developers have had their ey on the place for years, yet another rather scruffy old character building that needs to face the buldozers?
    As for those living there – it is their home- and if they ae forced out of the area, how will they get back to their places of work? The are Cranleigh people, some of whom were born in the village!
    Let us hope that when all these new affordable rental homes come up for grabs, that the homeless families – and yes their are families living there – with children – are provided with a decent home.

  5. As I said let’s CONCENTRATE on finding out the needs of this community and move upwards to a better home/accommodation for the families /individual people. Away from this rundown building that has had lack of attention for years.

  6. We agree that Waverley Borough Council now has an obligation to re-house these Cranleigh residents. But let’shope that every rundown character building doesn’t face the bulldozers?

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