‘It’s not a frivolous case. It has merit. We’re doing this for the whole of Waverley …’

What a crock of shit as Donald Trump would say! Or, as we at the Waverley Web would have it, what a pile of effluent from the affluent!

POW’s Capt’n Bob Lies was at great pains to sound eminently reasonable and emollient when interviewed recently by Lesley McCabe, of BBC Radio Surrey, following his comprehensive defeat in the High Court.

‘We’re not against housing in the right place …’

Yeah, right! If the biggest brownfield site in the borough, adjacent to a major A-road, isn’t the right place we wonder where is?

Answer: anywhere, absolutely anywhere as long as it’s not in his backyard. 

‘If only Waverley [Borough Council] had negotiated and engaged with us remotely positively …’

By which he meant rolled over, saying ‘Yes POW. No POW. How low do you want us to go POW?’

Ms McCabe  asked  Capt’n Bob(CB),  about his crew’s finances but, slippery as an eel, he  spoke deprecatingly of POW being reliant on ‘the generosity of the people in the Borough who think we have a case …’  

The WW will be revealing more on that later!

Presumably, he meant  the high-rollers who, in the words of Charles Orange Esq of Hascombe Place, Hascombe, don’t intend  looking across their rolling acres at a ‘sink estate at Dunsfold Park.’ Or, referring to the developers with deep pockets who have banked on Capt’n Bob, Little Britton and the Parishes) trouncing both Waverley’s Local Plan and the DD in order to continue concreting over every green field with their grubby little diggers? Ask the people of Faarnham, Halemere, Godalming and Cranleigh? 

 Our moles deep within The Bury’s bowels tell us even Deputy High Court Judge Natalie Lieven accused POW of being less than transparent about its financial resources. Sources, which despite having been given guidance in respect of information required by The Court to support its application for Aahrus Protection and, offered multiple opportunities to do so  …


 Many believed information POW did, belatedly and very reluctantly, provide, prompted  more questions than answers. Its  funding source (or should we say funders?!) was a key issue. Not only did POW choose not to provide that information, but the Judge didn’t  insist on it doing so! Preferring, instead, to let the poor old Waverley Council Tax Payer foot the bill for POW’s frivolous frolics in the High Court.

WW  had expected that the lack of cost protection from the outset (it wasn’t granted when POW was initially granted leave to appeal due to its failure to submit sufficient information to allow the matter to be decided at that stage) might prompt a worrying level of concern and circumspection for POW. But oh no, Capt’n Bob, Little Britton, Alan Gone-to-Ground & Co continued sleeping soundly in their bunks due to promises from the unnamed backers who had pledged to provide the readies should Good Ship POW capsize. No mi casa su casa worries for CB & Co as it was for our  Farnham Five!

Throughout every step of its choppy journey POW has spared no expense:

  •  Professionally represented by a team of litigators who, don’t come cheap and, from the limited financial evidence POW  provided to the Court, it was clear that from the day of its incorporation it has successfully raised substantial sums of filthy lucre as and when required. Largely via pledges arranged through the parishes aided by Alfold Parish Council Chairman – Solicitor Nik Pigeon and Crystal Tipps Weddell. 

The fact that it has been consistently coy about its supporters underlines the paucity of its numbers. Legitimate organisations with nothing to hide are only too willing – proud even – to demonstrate where its funds come from – particularly if it’s a small, steady stream of donations,  from a large number of local residents – but not POW.

In 2017 it raised circa £256,000 – a vast sum in a relatively short space of time – to enable its representation by multiple expert witnesses at the Public Inquiry into the Dunsfold Park planning application.

 In just three weeks in 2018, our moles tell us POW raised £30,000 + pledges which took its total fundraising to circa £57,000 –  all without having to hold so much as a raffle!

And, before Stacey Strumpette tweets about The Sun Inn Quiz Night where she met ‘Cliff Clavin’, a quaint little exercise to show the Judge –  that POW didn’t magic money out of thin air, but actually held an event … only the one? Well, of course, only one! Why waste time on trivia when you have three or four Bank City Rollers on your speed dial!

Disclosures in Bob Lies FOURTH – yes,  4th! – witness statement to the Court (which is virtually unheard revealing just how unforthcoming he was in the previous three!) gave no indication of where the money came from or how POW was able to raise such sums so quickly!

No wonder CB & Co see no need for affordable housing at Dunsfold Aerodrome; with their fundraising abilities, by putting their minds to it, they could provide every under 30 yr-old in Waverley with a mortgage deposit faster than you can say bankers’ bonuses!

Still think poor POW is cash-strapped?

Think again! Key planks of POW’s legal argument were kicked out at the outset on the grounds that they were unarguable.  Yet, despite this major setback, and despite not securing cost protection in advance of the High Court Hearing, POW had no hesitation whatsoever in ploughing ahead with its disturbingly shaky case,  leading everyone involved in the High Court action to conclude that whatever liabilities POW accrued it could  call on its  well-heeled backers to pick up the pieces.

Waverley Web has no issue with the Judge’s decision to throw out POW’s lamentable arguments but why in the face of overwhelming evidence (or POW’s lack of it)  did she permit these Alfold/ Dunsfold Divas to fleece us Council Tax Payers yet again? If nothing else, the utterly woeful lack of respect by POW and its Rumpoles shown in relation to the procedural elements of its Aahrus application should, we believe,  have resulted in the Judge throwing its call for costs limits in the shredder.

Instead, these persistent pygmies live to fight another day and Surrey’s poor old  commuters on the A3 had to listen to Capt’n Bob proclaiming POW is ‘doing this for the whole of Waverley …’

If you believe that, you’ll believe Elvis and Michael Jackson were spotted jamming at The Sun last night and Lord Nelson is about to get his eye back!


One thought on “POW – AKA A POX ON WAVERLEY”

  1. Oooh, whose taken my Name in vane?? and not speling it right either Wavey, its Stacy not Stacey but at least u got the Strumpette bit rigth..

    Bin tryen to keep me head down lately’ but since you sumonned me…..

    well about raisen money … not 2 diffacult if you know how to do it,,, ill let you in to the Seecrit,. .. basicly you got to offa something that poeple want and then charge a good Pryce for it;; leastwize thats how i conduct me own bizness, [im sure you know wot i meen eh Wavey],, wot they want is Stacy and there prepeard to pay a pretty Penny for her (more like a pretty large number of 20pownd Notes actsualy). and the funny thing is;: the more i arsk the more they think im werth, hehehee 😉

    so wot i think poeple want from POW is,,, {{fan fair}] .. Not Dunsfold Park!!! and there prepeared to pay for it if they think it can be got by going to Courtt ~~~ and some one tolled me that 11 Perishes in Waverly do’nt want it,, cos of the Trafik mostly::: and their’s an awfal lot of poeple in 11 parrishes,, and some of them are Pritty Well Off {at least thats wot they tell me when there tryen to impress me with the size of there Wollit} — so they think POW is they’re Best Bet for gettin wot they want and they make Donasions to POW;

    of cource their’re Big donasions and Small ones and the big ones count for more than the Little.un’s, but thats the way the World works… its the Golden Rule:: he who has the Gold makes the Rules [as i tell me Custamers] … also as the SAS say == Who Dares Wins (well only sometimes whear POW is conserned so it probably means the Oposistion has more gold- wurst luck).

    Luv, Stacy xxx
    “Good as Gold but twice as nice”

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