5 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered why our local authorities are making cuts in our services and putting up the council tax?”

  1. What do you expect they even deposited money in Icelandic Banks and then failed to claim the loses from their alleged financial advisers. Why I so the adverts I thought what fool would invest there? I should have known!

  2. WHY???
    Shocking – When was the last time ANYONE GOT A 27% pension increase – They are just filling their own pockets – I am shocked and Hacked off – I do NOT expect my Council Tax to go towards this – Do you know what? next time in May I will just vote for ANYONE even if it is The Monster raving Loony Party than vote for these people – No wonder we keep hearing about services being cut if such a percentage of OUR Money is going on THEIR pensions – Shame on them

  3. We agree with every word you say. We will all comfort ourselves as we queue at the dump, or send off our council tax dues, that not only are we paying the pensions of our local authority workers, but also our councillors, who are also on the pension gravy train.

  4. When did Councillors start getting a pension, or am I misreading this? Better not read this to Brian it will make him ill again!!
    PS Must make sure I get elected to get on the gravy train, I think if I can find a handkerchief plot to build on I might stand a chance as it seems the way to go.

  5. Don’t tell him Pike – it will only make him ill, but it’s a fact. We are sure you can find a plot of land somewhere, but make sure it is on a green field, otherwise you will have POW – Protect Our Waverley – on your back.

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