Waverley’s residents are becoming increasingly concerned about rising crime.

In and around the borough’s towns and villages, crime is rising – and in most instances, the police are turning a blind eye!

Postings on the borough’s popular Community Boards, Facebook and comments received by the WW – are highlighting rising crime and vandalism, some of it serious and life-threatening.

Ballbearings fired into moving vehicles is now becoming the latest dangerous sport. Although so far the damage has been mainly financial, it is only a question of time before a driver, or passenger is hit, resulting in serious consequences. 

There are dozens of instances, of crime, petty and some very serious.   Theft of cars in Alfold, Farnham, and Godalming are becoming a daily occurrence. Bikes chained to posts are being hacked from their moorings, including one treasured bike from outside The Cranleigh Co-op. Windows in cars and homes are being smashed, field gates stolen and outbuildings ransacked. 

We are printing just one account from one resident of the Surrey/Sussex border village of Alfold – but this is magnified by hundreds of incidents right across the borough.



Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 19.07.17.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.28.33.png

Now here’s a great suggestion. LET’S ALL RING ANNE AND JEREMY?

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.27.12.png


And so it goes on.. and on

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4 thoughts on “Waverley’s residents are becoming increasingly concerned about rising crime.

  1. Why on earth would anyone do this? It just beggars belief… It isn’t funny and it isn’t clever to do this – The Police simply don’t have the resources to deal with F****WITS like this – I hope they feel ashamed of themselves and try to imagine if their Mum or brother/sister or Granny had been in the car with Ryan. BE ASHAMED!!

  2. Ah! But one of our followers was fined for going a few miles over the 30 limit! Rozzer was sitting in the bushes waiting for her. Funny how they have time for that?

  3. Do you know what WW it isn’t funny – it is a complete mess – that they have time for traffic infringements and NONE for the increasing amount of Burglaries in area – I am sure it is the same in Farnham as it is here – But we all feel that none of them are taken seriously by the police and not because they Don’t care – But they simply cannot deal with them.

    We now have CCTV all over the place and I am looking at the New Ring App for the front door – Don’t have an issue with paying for it ourselves – Just want to hope that the info we send to the Police will actually DO SOMETHING

  4. Sadly, we are all taking the law into our own hands in a bid to protect our properties, but don’t hold your breath that the police will do anything, because they are just not interested. What concerns us most is whether all these crimes are being recorded? And, how vulnerable do our elderly people feel?

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