Cllr Holder to the rescue! He’ll be solving our trains … a new railway line for Cranleigh, and boosting Chinese tourism!

Even if you have never watched a clip from a Waverley Council  Webcast – this link below is a MUST DO!

If you watch one Scrutiny Committee this year – Cllr Holder’s comments on the Economic Strategy certainly are an eye-opener!

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• He’s meeting with Jeremy Hunt and the MD of the railways to knock the train capacities into shape.
• He’s also creating a new railway line between Cranleigh & Guildford
• He’s talking to the Chinese Cultural attache to encourage Chinese tourism, and he’s managed to find a local Mandarin speaker (Jeremy Hunt’s wife no less!) to translate his barmy ideas.
• He’s reprinting the pamphlet ‘Lutyens in Waverley’ in Mandarin to snare those Chinese tourists and to encourage them to visit Charterhouse School and our high streets to spend their Yuan.

The Councillor without portfolio for Hambledon & Witley and formerly for Dunsfold certainly loves a meeting with the great and good to show off his talents. But what exactly has he ever actually done, other than opposing development on the largest brownfield site in the borough and support development in the countryside?!

PS Apparently there a great deal of mutter in the Conservative gutter about the identity of the Waverley Web.

Coming soon – TheWaverley Web unmasked?

5 thoughts on “Cllr Holder to the rescue! He’ll be solving our trains … a new railway line for Cranleigh, and boosting Chinese tourism!”

  1. Beware. The old Waverley Matters (or Mutters) website was closed down just before the 2015 General Election. And that was just after they had paid for their web space in advance, so you can believe that the closure was not voluntary.
    As far as Cllr Holder is concerned, he need not worry about re-election – he’ll no doubt be returned under any circumstance. Tory Councillors have that right, don’t they, no matter what they do or don’t do.

  2. Fear not, we are not going own the big black hole that Waverley Matters (or Mutters) dropped in to. Catch us if you can.
    As for the Holder muppet, we’re not doing our job very well if he gets in again. However, not all Tory’s are failures. Some are doing a great job, and we here at the WW hope they will continue. Some openly admit they are not Tories but need to wear a blue rosette or they don’t stand a dog’s chance in hell of getting in! Dishonest yes, but can’t argue with their logic. However, the rise of Independents and Residents Associations and Lib Dems is growing, and in the coming months we shall be posting fast and furious on the local scene.

  3. It’s all good and well saying you are going to do all of this Cllr Holder – But where is any evidence that anything will happen?
    Apparently they have been talking about re-opening the line between Cranleigh and Guildford for Donkey’s years – and it has been categorically turned down as unfeasible. Give us some Evidence that this is ACTUALLY an option rather than just PR.

    Having lived in the Far East for Many years – I am afraid I do not think Waverley is going to become a Chinese “Tour Destination” with the best will in the world – Waverley is a Beautiful Place – But they like Large Historical Buildings of merit, Theatres, Art Galleries, Museums.

    Lutyens and Jekyll are well loved in Europe but not quite in the same degree in the Far East. We seem to be systematically destroying these things in the Borough. If anyone thinks the Far East Market is going to fill our shops and eating places they are living in La La Land. Seems like a lot of Hot-air to me.

    As for Voting next May – I happen to support our Local Tory Councillor – But I do NOT Support the Tories here in the Borough anymore, I have seen the Lib Dems and Indies doing far more for their residents and I don’t think I am alone in thinking this… Next year will be a very interesting Political time for us all.

    Glad to see that some Planning is now being refused Despite, as Cllr Deanus mentioned at the Eastern Planning meeting on Wednesday, that they had been issued with a Last minute directive that if they failed to agree with the Planning Officers on the Alfold Farm Application – It would go to Appeal and be quashed.. and that would cost money – Cllr Deanus quite rightly felt that was Threatening and he and others would judge the Application on its merits.

    The Application was additional development by Stealth as they had existing planning approved for 3 Bungalows and wanted a new Application for FIVE 1.75 Storey Terraces (they are actually listed as Bungalows) with serious concerns with regard to Waste Water issues from Southern Water which were ignored by the Planning Officers. The problem I have with these planning issues is – The Planning may be refused, but if it goes to Appeal – The Inspectors take on board what the Planning Officers recommended, despite most of their recommendations being quite obviously Desk-Based. This has again been seen in another Alfold recent application on Dunsfold Road.

    FINALLY – Looking forward to the great REVEAL…… I have always said I think you are a Woman… so if you turn up looking like the Fat-Bloke in your cartoon – I will leave this site forever.
    Best as ever

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