Waverley Brightwells sticker book launched!

Waverley Web has launched the Blightwells Sticker Book – inspired by the recent article by Julia Potts in ‘Your Waverley’. We’ll keep the book updated every time a store is announced! Isn’t Sainsbury’s already there? And isn’t ASK closing restaurants? 


We here at WW were inspired by David Quick and his desire to get an answer from Julia Potts following the publication of ‘Your Waverley’ the borough’s very own newsletter – once called ‘Making Waves’ which underwent a makeover as the name was considered inappropriate as it sounded too confrontational!

Because he couldn’t get a pip or a squeak out of Julia Potts he was forced to turn to contact the developer Crest Nicholson direct. So let’s crowdsource the sticker book so we can keep the good people of Farnham updated!

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7 thoughts on “Waverley Brightwells sticker book launched!”

  1. Not surprising – We all know that unless these developments are thought through with some degree of Intelligence what you read above is what you Get!

    Well done Farnham – It is so unimaginative. For goodness sakes go and look at new Town regeneration​ that WORKS – not the same old businesses that all of us know are going tits-up. Few more Bookies I think??

    Why aren’t the Local Farnham Councillors being held to account? after all the Developers just do what they think they can get away with and make the quickest buck – then run for the Hills once they have made their money.

    For goodness sakes Farnham – WAKE UP – they are ruining your lovely Town – Apathy will be YOUR RUIN.
    Not my Problem but despite what WW says – We here in the East do care about the rest of the Borough – Even Farnham… Honestly – Hence my post – You have some strong Voices there. LISTEN

    1. The non Conservative Farnham councillors have been battling this all the way but when you are up against a huge Conservative majority in WBC, when it comes to voting for these things, they have no chance as most of the Conservatives toe the party line and objections are ignored :/

      1. Well! Perhaps that has to change? Perhaps the winds of change should continue blowing over Farnham and the rest of the borough? If everyone posted the Waverley Web on their social media pages who knows what the result might be?

  2. We are waking up over here in Farnham – because finally, Blightwells has become a reality and everyone is waking up and smelling the concrete, the brick dust, and quite soon the stench of floodwater and sewage?

  3. P.S. There was water, water everywhere in the East of the borough but not a drop to drink for a third of Cranleigh residents this holiday weekend due to burst water pipes! All those engineers working on double, triple time? No wonder the water rates are so high!

  4. Oh NO! – If I was there I would be spitting and screaming as it is I must send a Text to My House sitter and ensure he is OK – Any more info appreciated – I will post on the Village network.. Sorry on Hols – We are used to water Issues here but we are a tiny Island – with a Government that is led from Athens – so not much I can do here yet!

    We KNEW this was going to happen WHY OH WHY doesn’t anyone out there at WBC Listen???
    As I have said on countless occasions – If just a few of the Planning Officers LIVED where they allow development …….. when they Ignore Local Knowledge we wouldn’t have these issues – But they have been ignoring Cranleigh for YEARS and now we are just at the Beginning of something that is just going to get Worse.

    THAMES WATER should be ashamed of themselves – when they kept saying all was Fine with Planning – It quite Obviously ISN’T For Christs Sakes WAKE UP! . They have been giving Platitudes to CCS for so long – With so much New Housing going up in Cranleigh

    We need Anne Milton to take this seriously – I know she takes an interest in this but really We do need to step up to the Plate and let Cranleigh Residents know that some-one thinks this is as important as the Local Residents do and somebody’s Butt gets kicked NOW – Not later or next year but NOW. PLEASE

  5. Don’t worry Thames Water have been pumping out water into big trucks and they are probably disposing of it in the…..sea?
    One gentleman contractor repairing a pipe that has been leaking for over a year revealed the white asbestos and the blue asbestos broken pipes, but he has been told he must not talk about it!!

    Thames Water told Waverley BC there would be problems with water supply, but nobody listened.
    But they may have to when the real rains come and the place is under water again?

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