Boom – Boom – another 200 houses in Paul Follows’ lap?

Guildford has recently allocated Green Belt for another 200+ houses at Aaron’s Hill/ Eashing Lane.

The Planning Inspector took away the Green Belt on the edge of Godalming at Aaron’s Hill, and due to an overlap of boundaries, one half of this field is in Guildford.
So does Godalming get all the traffic, and Guildford get all the cash??

A few more of Waverley’s green fields bit the dust!

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 00.35.03.png

5 thoughts on “Boom – Boom – another 200 houses in Paul Follows’ lap?”

  1. I am so glad we listened to Julia Potts when she told us this February that we now have the protection of her Local Plan… no wait… …so we have a sudden proliferation of developments, and many of them riding roughshod over the wishes articulated in the Neighbourhood Plans. Why did we not protest against her Local Plan? Oh yes, we did.

  2. Green Belt that can be taken away, brownfield that is covered in acres of grass… it doesn’t really matter what the designation is – Waverley are hell bent of fixing it so they get what their big developer friends want.

    PS: Waverley Web – where is your report on the Dunsfold Park CIL hearing? That was over a week ago… lots of very interesting revelations in that hearing… why so silent? Surely it is high on your agenda as a guardian of all things true and fair for the Borough?

    1. Well, there you are then PP we didn’t know anything about said hearing? Was it advertised on Waverley’s website – was it webcast? Tell us please do about the revelations at the CIL hearing? Unlike yourselves within POW – we don’t, and never have, pretended to know everything,but will do our best to find out!

      1. Ww. Why so coy? Have you forgotten? You were there, making notes, whilst writing up WW posts on your laptop. Do I have to name you and your organisation of which you are a leading figure to prove it? Why would you not publish what you witnessed? – all the intrigue about CIL., it has all the elements that you love to report – lies, statistics, political manoeuvrings and of course a developer reducing its liabilty to pay for ‘mitigation’ by manipulating revenues to show it is too impoverished to build a £1bn New Town.

  3. Sorry Pepper Pig but as we explained in a recent post. We are currently abroad – even we need to get away from the rotten borough from time to time. We were not at the Inquiry that you mention, in fact, we are unsure when exactly it took place? You can name just whoever you like, but we will refute your defamatory comments, as we are NOT an organisation, just a handful of very concerned residents in and around the borough of Waverley. We cannot publish what we DID NOT witness or impart information of which we know nothing, however, we have to hope that someone who was actually there will contact us with the information you are so keen to impart. Perhaps the local press were there. Perhaps they will tell all?
    Why don’t you tell us, because you were obviously there? Judging from the venom you continually spew forth it is very obvious that you have not the slightest concern for the mitigation and liabilities of any other developer in Waverley – other than the Dunsfold developer, with whom you are quite obviously completely obsessed!

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