Millions will be poured into the borough’s leisure facilities​ – but Cranleigh could be the biggest winner with a £12.7m jackpot.

Consultants employed by Waverley Council have identified that dramatic improvements are needed to leisure centres in Farnham, Godalming, and Cranleigh.


This includes almost £1m coming from development consented at Dunsfold Aerodrome? Or maybe not following yesterday’s decision by the High Court to grant objectors to the Local Plan, including Dunsfold Aerodrome,  a Judicial Review!


Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 22.17.18.png
The existing Cranleigh Leisure Centre in the Village Way car park, Cranleigh.

Waverley accepts that there is to be a massive increase in the East’s population and its existing facilities are not fit for purpose so cannot cope with such a large influx of young families.

This week the EXECUTIVE gave the go-ahead for a detailed design and procurement to extend  Farnham and Godalming leisure centres. And continue consulting on a new leisure centre in Cranleigh. It anticipates that over the next few years Godalming will have approximately 1,500 new homes, and Farnham 2,780, but although residents there are currently well served, with existing leisure facilities, improvements could be made. Haslemere Leisure Centre received a £4.2m refurbishment in 2014

It was agreed to set aside £3.2m to press ahead for a detailed specification for improvements at  Farnham and Godalming leisure centers, subject to negotiations with Places for People on future management.’

Is this just for “the tendering process.” Or is it the cost of providing the new facilities?

Crest Nicholsons Blightwells scheme,  which as we write doesn’t have the final planning consent necessary to commence development, will include an electricity sub-station slap bang in front of the leisure centre swimming pool windows. And,  an access ramp is proposed for a new multi-story car park, within metres of the leisure centre main doors into its foyer!

Could be really healthy for those pursuing leisure as car fumes belch fumes into the building!! So no problem there then?

e.g. Farnham has the third worst air quality according to a recent SCC report coming third behind the M25 and the A231


Officers are to negotiate the management fee terms for the remainder of the existing contract with PfP, provided the extended facilities are delivered;

The Strategic Director in consultation with the Deputy Leader will also enter into an appropriate lease and/or contractual arrangements to enable the car park lease extension at Godalming Leisure Centre.

But the majority of the money to be spent is going into the East of the borough.

If the full council ratifies the Executive’s recommendations next week £12.7m (some borrowed) will provide a new leisure complex on a new site in Cranleigh. Officers will begin work  on a detailed consultation with external consultants to identify a potential new location for the Cranleigh Leisure Centre and report back to Executive – “as a matter of urgency.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 18.58.13.png

These are the costings for remodeling the old centre in Village Way, Cranleigh at £8.7m or building a completely new facility  on a new site at an estimated cost of £12.7m.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 18.58.57.png

This has to be approved by the FULL COUNCIL.

The council said “We are going to work with the parish council to find a way forward” So what is Waverley’s cunning plan? Watch this space?

Here’s the link to the meeting:



6 thoughts on “Millions will be poured into the borough’s leisure facilities​ – but Cranleigh could be the biggest winner with a £12.7m jackpot.”

  1. Ha! A good news story and then within a couple of lines your agenda comes out to have a dig about POW and CPRE’s victory in court. I can imagine the discussion at the developer’s offices: “so how do we react if we loose the court hearing? I know! we’ll get our Waverley Web puppet to put out some his spin again – he’ll write anything – no need to talk about the facts”.

    1. You may be quite surprised to hear, that we are assembling the facts, and not through the developer – our information comes through various sources, including members of POW and the CPRE who are quite rightly absolutely delighted. And you may quote us as often as you like!

    2. Assembling the facts? So when the High Court makes this judgement you decide to give us page after page of guff about a Leisure Centre that might be years away but conspicuously give no detail of the Judges decision on POWs and CPREs cases. Why is that? Are you going to give that lame excuse like last time? Or that the Court was not in the Borough so you can’t mention it? Come on – you have ‘various sources’ what did they tell you? What did POW tell you? Residents want to know, even if you wish to suppress it.

    3. May I quote you on the profit from Dunsfold Park. My ‘sources’ tell me it is £450million – surely your close sources could confirm that so we can see for ourselves that any contribution from DP is very small beer – more a small pippette.

  2. Ww. I see you are deleting my reply to you. Too close to a home truth for you? What about the free speech you often harp on about?

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