It’s the final countdown?

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The Royal Court of Justice – High Court, London.

Tomorrow Waverley residents will hear whether Part 1 of its Local Plan passes the High Court test when a judge rules whether the Conservative’s blueprint for future development in the borough goes to Judicial Review!

The judge could decide after the one-day hearing today Thursday (12th June).

All the Rumpoles representing ‘Your Waverley,’ the Dunsfold Park developers as well as all the parties who are challenging THE PLAN are already flexing their legal muscles. After all, they need strong muscles to carry away OUR taxpayer’s money, though we understand the same can’t be said for the legal eagles acting on behalf of the Campaign for the Preservation of Some parts of Rural England (CPRE) and Protect One Little Corner of Waverley (POW) who have protected themselves with the Aarhus legislation – which allows the public ‘Action to Justice.’  This limits the hit on their plump wallets to just £10,000 while the hit on our pockets is huge! Still, can’t complain we live in a democracy … don’t we?

Isn’t it time someone, somewhere accused these people of vexatious litigation?

One wonders if Waverley and Dunsfold Aerodrome will appeal to the judge to allow this financial limit to continue if a full-blow Judicial Review ensues? 

Whilst our sympathy for developers is limited, as they have much deeper pockets than our local authority, will they rock up and support local community projects – like a new leisure centre planned for the east of the borough? The infrastructure requirements or local community projects. In the future, if they are required to slog on until the European Court, go before the Pope for dispensation to build or appear before The Almighty himself to rule, will there be any money left in anyone’s coffers?

Watch this space!




One thought on “It’s the final countdown?”

  1. Right on cue, the Developer’s spin machine pipes up before the Court hearing with the usual clap trap woven into your faux community concern. Ww, for someone that professed in your earlier post to know absolutely nothing about the legal representation of the interested parties you seem to know an awful lot about the legal representation of the interested parties. Why is that? Were you invited to court. So wait for the Judges decision if WBC have been fast and loose (and incompetent) with their handling of this whole sorry saga.

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