When does a fun run become a bum run?

Strange really – that the very same highway “experts ” which raises  no objection to totally unacceptable housing developments, on totally inappropriate and congested roads and country lanes  around  the borough- impose rules that cause the cancellation of a popular 10k fun run?

The bizarre bunch of bureacrats at Numpty Hall, Kingston imposing prohibitively expensive rules has prompted the cancellation of a popular charity run over there in what Waverley Councillors have dubbed “poor old Cranleigh.”

Despite recommending approval of numerous housing developments on totally unacceptable roads around  Farnham, Godalming and the rest of the borough – ably supported by Waverley planning offices who treat the “experts” like Gods , bowing to their superior knowledge of transport infrastructure … when it comes to a charity run, rules is rules!

As 50 tonne lorries pound their way along country roads lifting and taking the very road surface as they go, the highway numpties ignore the damage, and give the all clear for another round of highway nightmares around Waverley.

….However, when  it comes to a fun run – different matter!

The county council claim that such events need to be marshalled by accredited stewards or the police. A very disappointed Cranleigh Rotary Club which has been organising the run for about ten years, would have to find around £1,000 for professional staff.

Funny really – how you can do something for a decade with no problems – then all of a sudden a fun run, becomes a bum run, and local cash strapped charities suffer!

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