One Cranleigh woman’s take on the Local Plan Part​ 2. And… does it have a new relief road in the making?



Add another 15 to the total above, which excludes any ‘windfall sites’ as a local character property at Penwerris in Horsham Road, Cranleigh that has been a home of multiple occupancy providing homes for 21 of the least-well heeled members of Cranleigh’s population now becomes an expensive  Des Res for the Retired. Another 15 homes for the Renaissance Group, part of Legal & General, and approved under new planning rules imposed by ‘Your Waverley’planning officers who can now grant permission for under 25 properties under their delegated powers. APOLOGY. This has not yet been approved as the Highway Authority has objected to a single entrance into the site, so it has gone back to the drawing board!

Why did they even bother to ask the parish council, the grass-roots watchdog for its views?  Because they never take any notice of them – do they? You can read why parish council members objected to the overdevelopment of this site on the link below!

You will also notice from the letter below that the parish council has objected to the construction of an estate road between `Knowle Lane and Alfold Road for the Berkeley Group’s construction traffic.  Berkley’s is presently building the first 55 ‘high end’ properties which are part of the 425 homes consented. Worry about the trees or the biodiversity? Ask the men who dug new holes for the Badgers at little Meadow, part of the Bellway homes sites, and who found them drowned dead!  As for the other infill scheme – great crested newts, bats, and other wildlife – Waverley planners don’t give a damn ask the residents of Farnham. 

Does Cranleigh Newtown finally have a relief road in the making?

And… WHAT ABOUT WATER? Cranleigh along with other villages including Haslemere are under pressure… literally!


Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 11.04.12.png



Cranleigh Parish Council has contacted us to say its Neighbourhood Plan consultations will be held on Thursday 12th July 9am-4pm, Friday 13th 4-8pm and Saturday 14th from 9am-12.30pm at Cranleigh Village Hall. Residents are invited to turn up and have their say and share their ideas on the town’s development sites; green spaces; Snoxhall Fields and future planning policies.

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