Haslemere needs YOU! So let’s all support its petition​ to save its car park.

Haslemere which was one of the country’s original rotten boroughs is now seeking support to fight the rotten borough of Waverley.

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Bet they wish they still did?
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This is the popular town car park which once hosted fun fairs and which is now under threat.

Another one bites the dust – unless of course we all gang together.

Waverley Borough Council has submitted a Section 16 application to the Planning Inspectorate to deregister the Wey Hill (Fairground) car park. A popular car park that hosts around 190 cars per day.

Its cunning plans are included in the Local Plan Part 2 under its Site Allocations and Development Management Policies.

Proposed deregistration of common land by Waverley Borough Council’s – Wey Hill (Fairground) Car Park, Case Reference: 3205089

Waverley Borough Council wants to deregister this site as common land and temporarily resurface it, with a mixed-use redevelopment of the site, including around 50 flats, likely to come forward later in the plan.

No surprise there then?

The council makes no specific mention of the 50 flats in its Section 16 application, dated 14th June 2018, to deregister the land. That decision was made in February this year by the Waverley EXECUTIVE.

This is a petition sent to the Waverley Web by the concerned folk of Haslemere Town. If you live in the far reaches of the borough you may not want to take the trouble to sign the petition? But remember it will be your turn next and one day soon you may need their help!

We, the signatories of this petition, believe the loss of this precious common land and community asset in the heart of Wey Hill in Haslemere is not in the best interests of the neighbourhood because it can currently be used for the benefit of the community, including for parking, whereas, if it is deregistered, it can be used for any purpose without being in the interests of the neighbourhood.
* Copy of Section 16 application to the Planning Inspectorate to deregister the Wey Hill (Fairground) car park
** Waverley Borough Council – Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies
(Any individual representations in respect of the proposed deregistration and exchange may also be sent in writing ON or BEFORE Monday 16 July 2018 to: Common Land Team, The Planning Inspectorate, 3F Temple Quay House, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN or commonlandcasework@pins.gsi.gov.uk.)

This site has been included In Haslemere’s Neighbourhood Plan, but until Part 2 of the Local Plan is in place, the NP is not yet constituted. Of course, there is no mention of the 50 or so dwellings in the application to de-register the common land, all that comes later! In the Community Engagement exercise, the locals wanted a mixed-use development, including parking underneath with community space above.

People are suspicious Waverley just want to deregister so they can sell it on and generate revenue. You can see in the petition comments from unhappy of Haslemere.,
Is this Waverley’s idea or the Town Council’s? If it is a WBC cunning plan – who is behind it?

Click on the link below to sign up to help Haslemere.



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  1. How on earth do you find out how to sign? Ive gone all over to find out, and cant!! Im sure there would be a lot more signatures if it was easy to do! Please help, and I don’t do Facebook!

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