They ain’t giving up until the fat lady sings and the singing takes place in the High Court on July 12th.

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Anxious wait for High Court judicial review hearing – ON 12th JULY 2018.

OBJECTORS who lodged three High Court challenges against the “excessive housing numbers” in Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan will hear ON JULY 12TH – if they will be granted a Judicial Review according to  WAVERLEY’S DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS.

Waverley has set aside £300,000 to defend its Local Plan Part 1 against two judicial reviews launched by campaign group Protect Our Waverley (POW) – and one from CPRE Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

Waverley approved part one of its planning blueprints to 2032 in February. In April, POW and CPRE Surrey lodged separate challenges objecting that the housing target of building 11,200 homes by 2032 is too high, given the borough’s landscape constraints.

Both groups object to Waverley taking up half of Woking’s “unmet” housing need as well as its own, which adds  1,600 more houses. They argue the decision was “unsound”.

In May, POW launched a further High Court challenge against the Secretary of State’s recent decision to approve 1,800 houses as “unsustainable” at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

POW’s action is effectively a renewed assault on part one of the Local Plan, which relies on at least 2,600 houses being built at the airfield to help meet Waverley’s housing target.

 Subjects including Dunsfold are to be discussed at the AGM of The Cranleigh Society to be held at The Band Hall in Village way Cranleigh to-day Tuesday. at 7 p.m. The village dubbed by ‘Your Waverley’ as ‘Poor old Cranleigh’ is getting quite desperate? Is it because house prices are dropping and the property market is deader than a doorknob?

Waverley received an order from the High Court stating that the challenges against Waverley’s Local Plan and the decision to grant planning permission for Dunsfold Aerodrome will be now be heard together.and all parties were notified that a High Court hearing to decide if the challenges should go to judicial review was to have been heard on Thursday, July 5, and each welcomed the decision to draw the three challenges together. 

Obviously, some or all of the parties had difficulty in getting their acts together as it has now been put back a week.

Responding, Waverley leader and Upper Hale councillor Julia Potts, said: “In the interests of efficiency and in the public interest this is the right decision for Waverley and its residents.”

4 thoughts on “They ain’t giving up until the fat lady sings and the singing takes place in the High Court on July 12th.”

  1. Why are the innocent Council Tax Payers picking up the cost without any penalty for those responsible for their unlawful actions? A “suitable and sufficient” statutory compliant Environmental Impact Assessment, within its conventional three year validity, would have rebutted any legal challenge.

  2. Julia Potts, Jeremy Hunt and Jim McAllister, all meeting at Dunsfold Park on Friday (22 June)… what could it be for? Is Jeremy looking to put down a deposit on 10 semi’s in phase one of the development? Is Julia wanting to buy a second home and wants to pick a plot away from the Gypsy Site? Is Jim needing help calculating his cut of the £1.2bn worth of housing to be built?

    1. Why weren’t we invited? If you went along, perhaps you would ping us an up-date James – of-in-the-know-that-we-know-nothing-about? And…can you send us a picture of that motley bunch? Our arachnoids find it difficult to find anywhere to hang on airfields!

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