Far be if for the Waverley Web to kick a dog when it’s down…but… should our council leader be putting the boot in?

Councillor Julia Potts just couldn’t help putting a little sting in the tail of her comments when she commiserated with the victim/s of Monday’s court ruling to send a former Godalming Mayor and member of both Godalming and Waverley councils – including its powerful EXECUTIVE to prison for nine years.

By adding: ‘That it was clear that none of the crimes had been committed by Mr. Thornton whilst he was a councillor.”

So that makes it alright then does it Councillor Potts ?- Alright as long as it’s not on your watch!

Julia Potts, Leader of Waverley Borough Council, said: “On behalf of everyone at Waverley Borough Council and Godalming Town Council, we are all appalled by this news. My thoughts at this time are with the victim.
“It is clear that none of the crimes were committed during his time as a councillor.
“From the moment we were made aware of the investigation, both councils have been fully cooperative and supportive of the police and their enquiries.”
Source: https://www.eagleradio.co.uk/news/local-news/2611218/former-godalming-mayor-jailed-for-child-sex-offences/

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6 thoughts on “Far be if for the Waverley Web to kick a dog when it’s down…but… should our council leader be putting the boot in?”

  1. What a F***Wit – He should have been banged up – Sorry don’t care if it was when he wasn’t Mayor – he brings shame on the Council/ Conservatives . I am One…./was ….. I am gutted by this council to date. I may be a Wandsworth-wanderer as YOU like to call people like us that leave London for what we thought was a better life for us and our Dog – now we have lost her I wonder why I stay here..She was why we came here.
    More meat on the bones is required – come on WW I can read stuff on the Local Papers online – I would like you to give more meat on the bones – has been scarce recently – are you on hols????
    We are allowed to be – But posts have been scant on facts recently

    1. Sorry to hear you think we have been scant on facts, but sometimes itis necessary for us to glean pieces from around the borough to keep everyone in the loop. We do try to cover the whole borough, but with so few of us it is difficult. We are certainly not on holiday, though like you, we do have lives!

  2. According to the Farnham Herald, he “served as Waverley’s executive member for leisure, culture, parks and countryside from 2014 to 2016” whilst his “offences took place from 2006 until 2009 and all related to one victim, a 13 year old girl“. For all the time was a member of Waverley’s executive he had already “displayed predatory behaviour to abuse a child for a prolonged period.”

    ‘Predatory’ ex-mayor jailed for child sex crimes

  3. It is probable that a person with these tendencies would continue to behave like this until found out so likely that more young girls will surface at some point if they are brave enough to come forward. Very short sighted of Julia Potts to say this

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