Alfold Football Club puts its best foot forward – whilst Cranleigh’s 106 monies go to A Cranleigh top fee-paying​ school!


Well done Waverley Borough Council you have just shafted  Cranleigh ‘New Town” 


Good news for Alfold Football Club – Waverley Borough Council has given it a cash boost of £20,000 towards improvements to include new floodlights, a spectator stand, and other ground improvements.

We wonder – where the money came from?

Did it come from developer’s contributions under their 106 Agreement contributions? The developers who have yet to start building in the Surrey/Sussex border village?

Or, did it come from the 106 Agreement contributions from other developers, including Berkeley Homes;  who are building in Cranleigh, and who have included a sum of £173,000; Bellways Homes – £38,000; Thakeham Homes £33,000 towards an all-weather (3G) pitch at one of the country’s top public schools, where fees are among the highest? A school into which money pours in from its former Alumni!

Dear… We have redacted the recipient of this e-mail.

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So that’s alright then? Cranleigh puts up with development all over its countryside, and then the money which is rightfully theirs to use for improvements to the PUBLIC sports facilities goes to the wealthy Cranleigh Public School?

The developers should hang their heads in shame, and so should Waverley Borough Council and Cranleigh borough councilors for ever allowing this to happen!!!


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So that’s alright then Mr. Steve Weaver, Cranleigh sportsmen, women and children can rent the facilities from Cranleigh PUBLIC School when they don’t need them! 



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Waverley’s Press Release.

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