Farnham Castle By-Election – who dares wins.

The Runners and riders are announced for the Farnham Castle By-Election on 24th May. This election was prompted by the resignation of the chairman of the Farnham Residents Group John Williamson, and could cost up to £4,000. In a letter to Waverley chief executive Tom Horwood, Williamson explained that having spent the winter living in Italy, he and his wife decided to sell their Farnham home and relocate to the Cotswolds. Yes, that’s more than 6 months of Council meetings he failed to attend. At least he did the decent thing and pulled the plug – unlike some Conservative Councillors we could mention!


In the Farnham Castle borough by-election, they are:
Jo Aylwin (Lib Dems),
David Beaman (Farnham Residents),
• Rebecca Kaye (Labour),
Rashida Nasir (Conservative),
Mark Westcott (Independent).

In the Farnham Castle town by-election, they are:
Jo Aylwin (Lib Dems),
George Hesse (Farnham Residents),
• Rebecca Kaye (Labour),
Rashida Nasir (Conservative).

Lib Dem Jo Aylwin, a textile artist has stood at a few previous elections and has been a trustee of the Bishops Meadow Trust. It is unsurprising that David Beaman a former  Independent Farnham Town Councillor has thrown his hat in with the Farnham Residents Group this time. Rebecca Kaye has also stood for Labour before, and if the name is familiar, her train driving husband Howard Kaye stood at the 2015 General election for Labour. Howard also stood for the Town Council in this ward in 2016, gaining 86 votes. Talking of husband and wife teams, Conservative Rashida Nasir is wife to Waverley Weybourne and Badshot Lea Councillor Nabeel Nasir. They are both key movers within the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

A truly independent and wild card is architect Mark Westcott, prolific Herald letter writer and campaigner for independence for Shortheath and Boundstone! He regularly appears in the public gallery at Waverley Towers to question our decision-makers.
George Hesse is a former UKipper that is standing in the Town Council election under the Farnham Residents banner. herald_farnhamcastle

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