Our very own Puff Of Wind (POW) – blows across Waverley – again!



And … before you read another word – this information comes from our Cranleigh/Alfold correspondent of the Waverley Web. He is employed by no one – got it – no-one! He is however retired and cares passionately about Cranleigh and the Eastern villages where he was born and brought up. Like the Government Inspector, the Secretary of State, Waverley Borough Council and… most of the borough including the WW – he believes brownfield sites should be built on before sacrificing the countryside! 

He says:

In its latest post, dated 8th May, Protect our Little Corner of Waverley’s Chairman said of the organisation’s two legal challenges to Waverley Borough Council’s not so daft Local Plan and the Secretary of State’s decision to grant consent for 1800 homes at Dunsfold Park:

‘If left unchallenged, this decision would destroy irreplaceable ancient woodland and historic assets, wreck general aviation facilities – vital for business, leisure, training and emergency services – and ruin the quality of life for thousands of people for decades.’


Who is Mr Lies trying to kid? The people who signed up to Stop Dunsfold Park New Town (SDPNT), before signing up to its sprog, Protect Our Waverley (PoW), were the very same people who objected to Dunsfold Park’s return to aviation following BAE’s departure from the aerodrome. Indeed, one Mr Peter Barker, (I have my own helicopter) a local resident and leading-light of the SDPNT campaign, memorably, went on Radio Surrey, in 2010, to object to the Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance’s application to lift restrictions on its flying hours at Dunsfold Aerodrome, saying:

There are a few God-given rights and one of those is the right to have an undisturbed night’s sleep and if this application goes ahead, it won’t be just a small area, it will be a large area where the sleep of people will be completely destroyed.’

Heaven forbid that lives should be saved at the expense of Alfold and Dunsfold residents getting a good night’s sleep!!! Those very inconsiderate people who might be in dire need of the services of the Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance, clearly needed to ensure they scheduled their life-threatening accidents between 9-5 on Mr Barker’s watch!!!

There has to be something seriously amiss with people like this. They are utterly shameless professional serial objectors – perfectly happy to change their views with the wind and take on board whatever argument best suits their purpose at the time. In earlier years they complained so vociferously and frequently to Waverley Borough Council about noise and disturbance issues at the aerodrome that the Council had to create a dedicated Dunsfold Park complaints page on its website, whose opening gambit was:

‘If you feel that there is excessive noise coming from Dunsfold Park … please use the Dunsfold Park online complaints form.’

Now those same people who were busily uploading their noise complaints are complaining that the latest plan to build homes at Dunsfold Park – a plan which would eradicate their complaints about noise and disturbance from Top Gear, corporate jets and helicopters – are complaining about the ‘wreck[ing] of general aviation facilities’!!! To misquote Jacob Rees-Mogg: It’s cretinous!!!

Having spent years complaining about Top Gear and Wings & Wheels, they didn’t hesitate to do a 90-degrees hand-break turn and start urging fans of both events to object to the planning application for 1800 homes as it would lead to the loss of Top Gear and the Air Show!

It begs the question, who are these people?

Protect our Little Corner or Puff of Wind –  claims to represent ‘a very large and continually growing number of concerned Waverley residents’ – yes, all 339 of their followers! – ‘whose interest is in sustainable, balanced and appropriate development. We are seeking development to be led by a robust Local Plan and sustainable developments that meet local need as encouraged under the NPPF’.

No doubt that explains why the only planning applications referred to on their website are Dunsfold Park’s and Springbok’s. They take absolutely no interest in developments outside their own little catchment area of Alfold (population 1059) and Dunsfold (population 989). So, there you have it, folks, with a combined population of 2,048 people they can only muster interest from a mere 16% of the combined population of its immediate catchment area …

...And if we look to the wider borough – which they claim to represent – where the population is 121,572 – they are representing 0.27% of the population! Talk about the tail wagging the dog!


OOps! Was that a Puff of Wind we just caught?



3 thoughts on “Our very own Puff Of Wind (POW) – blows across Waverley – again!”

  1. We don’t believe any of your spin and false outrage. WW doth protest too much. Seems a few things have rattled your cage recently. . Such desperate rants can only come interested parties so embedded in the future of DP. The speed at which
    you get your scoops suggests your “insider” is in bed with people they shouldn’t be.

  2. Yes, you are right. Our cage has been rattled! Why, because we hate to see taxpayers’ money wasted.
    Democracy is one thing, and it is quite acceptable for residents to object, to have their concerns addressed and considered properly. Thankfully this country has a well-tried and tested planning system which allows everyone to have their say. However, when is enough, enough? No doubt Pepperpig you cannot believe that others living in this lovely borough have a different viewpoint to yours. It would be unthinkable to accept that the WW can take a pragmatic view unless of course, we have something to gain from development at DP. It would be impossible for you, and the people you represent, to believe that some of us who were born with DP in our backyard – witnessed the success of Skyways; Hawker Siddeley Aviation, and then British Aerospace, and who honestly believe that this huge brownfield site will provide much-needed homes, and will prevent more precious countryside being sacrificed. No doubt you will soon learn how many other developers are massing in the wings preparing more planning applications that will gobble up more of our greenfield sites and floodplains?
    The speed with which we get our scoops is quite simple – we have our ear to the ground. No doubt, near the troughs that Pepperpigs inhabit!

    1. Your tirade, and it is a tirade, has me picturing you pacing up and down in Jim’s office ranting and venting your spleen with your holier than though protestations. Infamy, infamy! Your targeted spin is as revealing as it is orchestrated. You have been censured from speaking officially but this platform is no disguise of your origins.

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