Should our Jeremy hang his head in shame?

Can people power help an 89-year-old granny keep her American owned GP surgery open in Harlow, Essex?

We very much doubt Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and our MP will read this, or listen to this video – but many others have and will!

Connie Scott and the 3,300 other patients are horrified that their local GP Surgery is to close after more than 60 years – could one of our practices in the borough of Waverley be next? Because just over the border in West Sussex the same company terminated five contracts in Brighton leaving 11,500 patients without a GP and has also closed the Maybury surgery in nearby Woking.

Click on the link below:


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 10.01.07.png
89-year-old Connie Scott takes to the streets to fight for a GP – a disgrace or what?

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