Nightmare on Waverley Street?

The WW believes that the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England ( better known as – Build on Brownfield sites across Britain but not at Dunsfold Aerodrome!)  And, the Protect Our Waverley Group of NIMBY’s  (the build anywhere except at Dunsfold gang) have thrown a hand-grenade at Waverley’s Local Plan by seeking  Judicial Review/s  in the High Court!

and… you wouldn’t Adam and Eve it – but a Cranleigh and Shamley Green Councillor; Mike – known locally as, ‘Rubber’ Band, is Waverley’s representative on the  Surrey Hills Board which also includes representatives of the CPRE!

… and there could be more – including wealthy lawyer Tim House who doesn’t want 180 homes built at the bottom of his very large garden overlooking Milford Golf Course. Looks like a threesome! 

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 05.36.20
Not exactly a good news week for Waverley Borough Council – and it isn’t an April Fool, or is it?

nightmareonwaverleystreet.jpgSo shell-shocked is the council, that senior officers and ‘the chosen few’  are scurrying around ‘YW’s’ corridors of power like demented gnats, according to our insider informants, some of whom were themselves involved in the preparation of the Local Plan. The rest of the ‘back bench’ councillors will no doubt, read about it here on the Waverley Web at the same time WBC issues a Press Release! 

Ah well! It’s an ill-wind that blows no good as they say at the Meteorological Office!  Developers will soon be crawling all over the borough dropping their surveyors down on ropes to hover over our green fields measuring them up for even more suits of houses made out of ticky tacky?

Another shedload of taxpayer’s money going into our everflowing drains?

Build on all brownfield sites across the country other than Dunsfold!

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