Another Waverley cover-up using smoke and mirrors?

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Hi Waverley Web,

I don’t know if anyone really looks at their council tax bills, however, I was intrigued by how a mostly 3% increase in most charges apart from Police and Crime Commissioner‘s 5.3% could result in an overall 5.5% increase to our bills. Enter Excel Spreadsheet, plugging in last year’s figures and this year’s figures.

Guess what I found!

The Adult Social Care element hasn’t gone up by 3% but by 63%. Whilst a £66 increase is not a large amount I felt a bit miffed!

How can this be… a mistake someone pressed a 6 and a 3 by mistake…… Rang the council and they are sending out a letter to explain only to those that complain!! Got a fudged story about 2 elements to the charge and the 3% increase only refers to one of them…. Can’t be right, can it?????

Thought you might like to be in the loop!!


P.S. Sent the story to Eagle radio station, Farnham Herald and the BBC Surrey…. Transcript below:

“I don’t know if anyone is looking into this or even if its newsworthy, the new Council Tax Bills have landed indicating mostly a 3% increase across most categories. However, my Adult Social Care charge has supposedly risen by only 3% as well although its gone from £104.06 to £170.65 which I worked out to be a 63% increase.

Whilst this is not a large increase in monetary terms (in comparison to the rest of the bill), it will see an incremental increase year on year. If the charge has justifiably been increased by this amount then my issue with the bill is that they are not being honest in stating the true % increase!

Upon ringing to enquire they appear to be giving a very unsatisfactory answer saying the 3% is indicative of only 1 element in the additional charge and that letters are being sent out to those that complain/ask about the rise. Personally I think they’ve made a mistake and rather than admit it (having to re-do everyone’s Council Tax Bill) they are trying fudge the answer to circumvent the issue!

I would be grateful if you could investigate the matter and publicise it such that those responsible are held properly accountable to those paying the bill.”

WW: Properly accountable! You can not be serious? ‘Your Waverley’ be properly accountable?

Nelson will get his eye back first!

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