As we all here at the Waverley Web watched the webcast last night there was a certain MADNESS in the air followed up by a Press Release from POW – the Protect Dunsfold Aerodrome group – purporting to be standing up for the whole borough! Hence the reason why we all – burst into song!

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 16.55.33.png

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What a night? What a week!

Protect our Waverley – rather like Donald Trump – seems to be in a tail-spin at the moment. Across the pond, The Donald is proposing to arm teachers and here in good old Waverley Bob Lees and his cronies – all 35 of them according to our headcount in the Public Gallery! – are accusing Waverley’s Executive and Full Council of acting unlawfully

‘with a gun against its head’!

Protect our little corner had the bare-faced cheek to accuse the Leader – Oh-not-so-Potty-One now – of taking their comments ‘very seriously’.  Seriously? They flatter themselves! No one takes that bunch of nincompoops seriously, least of all La Potts who, like Joan of Arc, has swept all before her and led her Council from abject and repeated failure (under her predecessors Robert Knowless and Richard Shut-the-Gates ) to triumph. It has taken La Potts less than two years to knock the Council into shape and deliver the much needed Local Plan which her predecessors had failed to deliver in over 10 years! Just goes to show what happens when you put a woman in charge – you get results and in double quick time! You go, girl!

Their brush strokes getting ever broader, ‘Protect our little corner of the Borough’ accused the Council of an ‘attitude of bravado’ and spoke of the ‘surreal experience’ of Councillors expressing serious concerns about the new Local Plan, yet then voting in favour of it’! Seriously? We all know that the Councillors – with one or two notable exceptions – all speak with forked tongues. They twitter on about the lack of merit in this planning application and that planning application and then, like the good little Tory sheep they are, they all fall into line and do as they’re told when it comes to entering the voting lobby.

‘Turkeys voting for Christmas’ according to Protect our Little Corner … Maybe that explains the poultry crisis, with no fowl to be had since KFC’s decision to switch delivery companies from Bidvest Logistics to DHL. Now we know it’s nothing to do with DHL, all the turkeys buggered off to vote at the Burys!

Here at the Waverley Web, we don’t often give advice! But on this occasion, our advice to PoW is: Give it a rest for all our sakes.’

Instead, why not start taking the anti-depressants – apparently they work – and Oxford University (not Trinity College Cambridge, owners of Dunsfold Park, we hasten to add) is recommending they be prescribed to up to a million more people. And, in the meantime, keep drinking the Red – because it fends off irritation (OK, maybe they are talking about teeth and gums but, who knows, it might just help the very sore losers get over their bitter disappointment!

Now, everyone! Down to Bet Fred, who will be laying odds on whether POW has gone really, really, mad, and having passed around the begging bowl…again…decide to issue a legal challenge – so that even more green fields across the borough can be developed!

The PoW Press release is a bit mad too- you can read it here:


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