Come to Surrey and visit the UK’s capital of potholes​ – on and off-road!

Or you could come to Godawfulming and break a leg on the pavements!

Today we are bemoaning the state of footpaths in  Godalming High Street.

There are numerous trip hazards to be had here – aside from the cobbles!

It comes as no surprise to any of us that we all need to watch our step in Waverley! But what exactly is our town council doing about the dangerous situation with which we are faced?  

We are told council tax hikes are on the horizon from all our local authorities.  The town,  parish, borough, and county councils – but don’t dare look ahead – just look down!

This picture below is just one of many hazards spotted today – 12th February – probably the worst so far. Hideously dangerous to pedestrians. You may even have seen us? animated-spider-man-image-0007
Hopefully, anyone on a night out celebrating  Valentines Day-to-day will look before they leap when they are out in the dark walking past The Lounge bar on the corner of High Street and Wharf Street.

It could be a disastrous evenings-end to a romantic meal out in one of Godalming’s eateries if you end up base over apex!

Perhaps Surrey County Councillor Peter Martin will – ‘take a trip’ down Godalming High Street and do something about it? More like Councillor Penny Rivers will!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 09.53.10.png

longer shot footpath outside The Lounge.JPG

We know that Surrey has been named the worst county in the UK for road potholes – some are now so deep, particularly in Shere Road and Ewhurst, you could dig for coal!

The county has 6,712 “current hazards” and that has probably increased during the construction of this post! These are hazards not marked as “fixed” on its road – that is almost twice as many holes as in neighbouring Hampshire, in second place with only 3,395. This data has been compiled by a website called Fill That Hole, run by Cycling UK, which passes on the details to local authorities.

But what about the statistics for Surrey’s deteriorating pavements, like the one above in Godalming that could cause a serious accident, which, if suffered by the elderly, could result in death!


3 thoughts on “Come to Surrey and visit the UK’s capital of potholes​ – on and off-road!

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  2. A recent TV program on Liverpool showed that in a street where houses were being sold for a £1 had better roads and pavements than Surrey. If Local Authorities we’re ranked Surrey would come last. What has the punitively taxed Surrey residents done to deserve such abuse?

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