“Whatever happened to localism?” Well, Councillor Cockburn if the cap fits, wear it!

Councillor Carole Cockburn bleats on about the “cruel blow” a Government Inspector has dealt Farnham.


“I no more want to see additional housing allocated now to Cranleigh than I do to Farnham and I certainly wouldn’t want to pass on another 450 dwellings to existing settlements in the East of the borough.” ‘Etcetera, etcetera…

let’s all get a shovel and attempt to move the mountain of Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.33.59.png

this woman generates.

Her hypocrisy is legendary.

Everyone in the east has been watching her and her Tory Tosser mates as they clamour to pile as much housing as they can muster over there, even on floodplains and adjacent to homes that have flooded for decades.

Her beef is all about, “timing’ and the fact that some very unpopular Farnham planning appeals in the pipeline are likely to be allowed! Shock horror, biter bit we say here at the Waverley Web!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 19.05.50.png

Did she think that when she was masterminding her Farnham Neighbourhood Plan, which she believes is written in tablets of stone, the rest of the borough was asleep?

If so what about all those other Neighbourhood Plans that were written and then re-written, and then written again, all of which have proved useless!

What about the Cranleigh Civic Society’s efforts to speak up for the village of Cranleigh to prevent unsustainable development – now called Cranleigh New Town! The same village you rubbished as not having ‘very much architectural merit.’  What about the village of Ewhurst which you claimed “was hardly a quintessential English village” and contained a lot of “rubbish.” Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! It beggars belief how you now have the gall to chastise a Government Inspector and say`:

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.12.57.png



3 thoughts on ““Whatever happened to localism?” Well, Councillor Cockburn if the cap fits, wear it!”

  1. I’ve never got this, any fool could understand that there was no point in making a Neighbourhood Plan before the Local Plan was agreed. And, I am sure Farnham Town Council was so advised and decided it knew better.

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