NO shunt for Hunt!

Having wiped the Windolene off our crystal ball it would appear that Hunt’s Shunt up the every greasier Westminster pole failed to materialise.

Instead, Jeremy Hunt’s Health Secretary Portfolio has increased to include the poisoned chalice of Social Care! WOW! Now there’s a challenge if we ever heard one!

He has through pi**ed off most of our ‘ageing’ followers who claim he is maligning them every time he opens his grinning/ grimacing gob reminding everyone it is them who are putting such pressure on the health system – just by being alive! Does he ever consider that this is just the group of people helping to fund their parents, some of whom are over 100 years old, and who are daring to take up space in the ever decreasing number of nursing homes! Same ‘aging population’ are also caring for their parent/s and their grandchildren in their own homes!

If only the Department of Health would stop issuing costly and ridiculously unnecessary advice to the ‘ageing population’ about how they should eat, walk, talk and live their lives, perhaps there would be more money in the pot to help them as they ‘age!’ Because however far, or fast,  they run, their age will finally catch up with them! 

Here’s what we wrote this morning.Shunt the Hunt?

Oh, well, a day is a long time in politics!




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