WW… wonders why?

Why aren’t ‘Your Waverley’s Audit Committee meetings being webcast?

Not that it will make that much difference, it seldom works properly anyway, that is of course unless Father Christmas turned up at the Burys on Christmas Eve with a new one?

Isn’t it funny that that only member that seems eager to shine a light into the darkest corners of ‘Your Waverley’ is the Farnham Residents’ member!

P.S. This extract is taken from the meeting report, and please note, that they ‘note, that there had been some recent technical difficulties with the system.’ An understatement if ever we heard one!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 16.43.07.png

5 thoughts on “WW… wonders why?”

    1. This is on the December Council meeting papers, which includes a report from the Audit Committee. Apologies I am standing in for the Editor who has gone to the Cayman Islands!

  1. Why am I NOT surprised – The ones they do Webcast are shockingly bad and those they don’t well who knows – They obviously feel they are NOT accountable apart from JH – They think they are above scrutiny and they bally well are Not SHAME ON THEM!

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