Without a brick being laid at Blightwells it has cost Waverley taxpayers over £7m+ and rising!

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 21.04.43Here are a few (not alternative) facts to educate, inform and shock the Waverley public regarding the colossal amounts that their Waverley has spent on failing, so far, to get the Brightwells development in Farnham town centre off the ground. And we mean quite literally ‘off the ground’, where not a brick has been laid in spite of Waverley’s ‘heroic’ efforts over the last 15 years.

We have detailed figures showing that Waverley had spent a total of £7.1 million on the project by the end of Autumn 2017. But, still has to finalise a payment for the compulsory purchase of the much-loved Marlborough Head public house to make way for the development. A figure of £1.5 million has been mooted to complete the CPO.

Taking that figure to £8.6m!

On top of this, we all know that on-going negotiations, in a desperate attempt to attract reluctant retailers to take up premises in the scheme, must be costing the council a pretty penny. So, no one would be surprised to hear that spending on this vastly out-of-date scheme has passed the £10 million mark.

That’s an awful lot of money for nothing!

Taking some interesting comparisons from Waverley’s General Fund Revenue Account Budget Summary 2016/17, looking at money for something, our readers might like to know that the Finance Director has listed a total of £11,793,650 as the total spending for council services during the last complete financial year, including £3,789,660 for Community services and £1,792,290 for the Environment.

Money for nothing in Farnham town centre puts all this in the shade!

We  wonder how residents in Godalming, Haslemere, Cranleigh and the villages might react to knowing how much their Borough Council has already devoted to a project here in Farnham that offers little or no prospect of benefiting council tax payers, as a whole, around Waverley?

The WW believes this  must be essential reading for council tax payers throughout the borough who are consistently kept in the dark about ‘Your Waverley’s’  nefarious dealings and are anticipating a nice little hike in their council tax!

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