This letter says it all – about ‘Your Waverley’s very own ‘Omen.’

Regular readers of the Waverley Web will be well acquainted with the antics of Damian Roberts – nicknamed ‘The Omen’ by us and the ‘silent assassin’ by many of Waverley’s own workforce. What we, and many others, would like to know is did he jump, or was he pushed, before he sent that effusive message of his impending departure to councillors?

Like the writer of this letter in the Farnham Herald featured below, we wonder whether those who jump ship, and who may have made serious, VERY SERIOUS, mistakes, can be held accountable when they slip neatly into another, more senior role at Epsom & Ewell Council?

We also wonder why everyone is keeping schtum, marking time, or perhaps, even hiding the results of the Farnham  air quality  investigation that has been going on for months? We had believed councillors were   to receive regular up-dates on such an important matter?   But then we suppose those might have been given behind closed doors?  Since that Press Release on 26th September – zilch – perhaps its time the local bobbies were brought in?

We understand that a neighbouring council may be doing a limited audit, with a limited remit, to investigate Your Waverley’s quality management systems, wonder which one?

Perhaps ‘Your Waverley’ would prefer not to wash all its dirty linen in public until the Local  Plan is adopted and the re-development of Blightwells begins?

Oh what a tangled web they weave – when once they practise to deceive?

The Omen is… roamin’!


we dare issue word of warning to Th Omen’s  new employers, from his existing and former employers at Croydon Council?

Watch Your Backs at all times! And, if you value your voluntary services – give the responsibility to someone else! And to the head honcho, – be warned – he wants your job  too, and soon!

 The salary agreed at the Executive Meeting a week ago for a new  CEO that is being  advertised at  £124K just isn’t big enough … is it? This is the rate for the job according to an Employment consultancy called Solace.

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