Members of Waverley’s senior planners have ridden roughshod over the people of Cranleigh … AGAIN!

Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee trampled over the views of local people, including parish leaders and approved another extension of Crest Nicholson’s development in Horsham Road.

Despite pouring gallons of crocodile tears  all over  ‘poor Cranleigh residents’ and giving a host of reasons why a Crest’s scheme for 119 houses (69 of which wouldn’t even meet the national housing standards and were  described as ” an old fashioned council housing estate’)  should be refused), up went their mits approving it  by 12  votes to 6 with 2 abstentions!

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Up goes the hand of Councillor Mike Band (Con, Cranleigh North & Shamley Green) who said – none of us believe anything the statutory consulatees say, but we have to accept it.’ 

So now in addition to the 149 homes already under construction west of Horsham Road – by Crests whose finance director lives just down the road in Wonersh Park, a stones throw from firm supporter councillor Michael ‘ Sleepy’ Goodridge  – it now has the go-ahead for another 119 off just one access. This, despite councillors agreeing that many of the owners of these homes, when built, could be taking on shedloads of problems through a management company’s  onerous responsibilities. These include play areas; roads; common areas; sh*t pit holding tanks, etc.

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The developer, who has already shown in Cranleigh, and elsewhere in the area, that it regularly rides roughshod over planning conditions, government guidance on the size, and the design of accommodation, can now remove trees protected by preservation orders, and remove ancient woodland.  Should an accident occur at the access, it will provide no emergency access! All this has the blessing of ‘Your Waverley’s’ planning ‘experts’ and the statutory consultees – Thames Water, and Surrey County Council, the lead flood authority ‘experts’ and highway ‘experts.’

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Here’s what the locals said in a ream of objections that could paper the walls of ‘YW’s hallowed halls inside and out: Yet another shedload of housing on its way to Cranleigh? 

And Yes, didn’t we say in the post last week that the scheme  would be approved at  the Waverley Muppet Show! An outfit who would  pave over Cranleigh’s famous cricket common with half a chance, as Liz the Biz Sims, whip, cracks away!

The Cranleigh Parish Council public speaker obviously didn’t think it was worth turning up to oppose yet another development believing that all was cut and dried, and saving his valuable breath deeming that breath is so good for you! Or, has the council imploded?

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Cranleigh Councillor Patricia Ellis gave an impassioned speech about how dreadful Cranleigh was being treated, and how awful the scheme was, despite the fact that she had, along with her late husband Brian Ellis colluded with developers in secret meetings for years to have the Crest Nicholson sites included in the Strategic sites of Waverley’s Daft Local Plan. It was councillor Brian Ellis who repeatedly claimed that Cranleigh shops needed more ‘footfall!’ Well Councillor Ellis, if you are looking up, or down on Cranleigh – you certainly got your wish!

However, the woman who took his place as Chairman of Cranleigh Parish Council said:

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 21.04.28.png But of course, as she has come to realise, despite her repeated protestations about the damaging effect of yet another swathe of countryside going under concrete, the inadequacies of the local infrastructure to accommodate a huge influx of people, and the poor standard and unimaginative design and quality of the homes, no-one takes one blind bit of notice!

As for Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan, and others, including ours here in Farnham – press SEND straight into the bin marked TRASH!








4 thoughts on “Members of Waverley’s senior planners have ridden roughshod over the people of Cranleigh … AGAIN!”

  1. Hello dear spider. I am the Cranleigh Parish Public speaker who “felt it was not worth turning up to oppose”. My name is Brian Freeston and all I can say is that I was in London working. All the work I do for my parish is entirely voluntary and I do need to keep the wolf from the door with some gainful employment. I had informed the parish officer over a week ago that I couldn’t make it, but that news was not passed around until it was too late! I have spoken quite a few times before on behalf of my lovely Cranleigh, but to no avail – other than being accused of bullying the 21 members of the Joint Planning Committee. And now I get a brickbat from you! There’s no pleasing people I say.

    1. Hi,
      Please do not take offence for not turning up, because no offence was intended. Like you, we work too, and fully appreciate there’s a big wide world out there, and we need to earn a living. However, we just missed you, your common sense, and the succinct way your put your argument across on behalf of the people of Cranleigh, or as it is constantly described as, ‘poor old Cranleigh.’ by those morons who say one thing and vote the opposite! Absolutely typical that no explanation was given why you did not take up the public speaking slot reserved for you and we would certainly like to hear how you bullied 21 members of the JPC? No brickbats from us, just our never ending praise for your indomitable fighting spirit, and for all those other parish councillors that stand up for their residents and are constantly ignored.

      1. Thank you for those kind words. And in the interests of getting it right and not to tread on the toes of the innocent, I have been informed that the officer I mentioned did all that was possible to get someone to speak, but unfortunately no one was available.
        As far as the bullying goes – well it is rather difficult to do this 1 against 21 trick. I don’t recall David being accused of bullying Goliath, but somehow it was done at the JPC. All I can say is look to the accuser. Anything else would be worth dining out on, or at least a drink.

  2. Yes, it all seemed a little one-sided to us. One little ol’ parish councillor, bullying some of those overblown ego’s that exist among ‘YW’s Joint Planning Committee. Puffed up Michael’ I’m a local solicitor and I know it all’ Goodridge, who doesn’t even have to stand for election, being bullied by you – never – not really. Pathetic! But then we all know what happened to Goliath don’t we! There will be plenty of stones being slung when the next election comes along, but don’t hold your breath, you won’t see many of the present mob standing up to receive them.

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