KPI – turns the tide for the houses at Poo Corner.

So there you have it, folks, if,  although we rather suspect it’s a case of, when (given how desperate ‘Your Waverley’ is to increase its housing numbers –  since Mistress Milton and Jeremey Shunt succeeded in their  machinations to have  Dunsfold Park’s scheme called in,  depriving Waverley of 1800 much needed homes), Thakeham Homes succeeds in building yet more houses on Cranleigh’s floodplain, they’ll be calling their new development The Houses at Pooh Corner!


No doubt it believes  that a hefty dose of nostalgia and rural realism will go down a treat with those emigrating down the A3 from Nappy Valley and if anyone has the nerve to complain to the Thakeham Thugs when the affluent’s effluent starts coming up through their mod-cons – dishwashers, washing machines and jacuzzis – they’ll be able to tell them, with perfectly straight faces – why do you think we called them The Houses at Pooh Corner?

Some developers will do anything to mislead ‘Your Waverley’s Planners. Following our Post yesterday headed: Thakeham’s thuggery set to reap rich rewards. we received the following comment from a man who knows more than a little bit about Cranleigh’s matters, and a more than a bit about the shady goings on there.

What is it with Cranleigh  developers, who appear to be  beyond the pale in their desperation to get rich quick. The Knowle Park Initiative boasts  to be the saviour of Cranleigh, with a mission statement that reads like something out of The Brothers Grimm book of fantasy and fairytales.

Listen to the webcast tonight and watch democracy at work as planning officers,  who once upon a time were there to guide members, kick them into submission to ensure  permission is granted for 54 more homes in Elmbridge Road, to add to the 700 already granted – and there’s more to come!


 Dear Waverley Web,

The two main problems with this site are flood risk and odour risk, and you have done a good job pointing this out. Please also note:

The flood risk is a little more acute than perhaps you realise. Since moving here in 1896, I’ve seen this field flooded a few times. Since 2013 when the cottage just across the road got badly flooded and the occupants had to vacate for almost a year, in late 2015 the developer KPI (Knowle Park Initiative) illegally dredged the stretch of Cranleigh Waters along their proposed site in an attempt to move the flood risk from their site downstream (to this proposed Thakeham Homes field). The Environment Agency has told Cranleigh Civic Society that if an application from KPI to dredge the river had been applied for, it would not have been granted. We told the Head of Planning at Waverley Borough Council about this at a meeting on 02-Mar-16, but she ignored it.

Also, the odour risk is a greater problem than most people realise. Thames Water had an odour assessment done by Ove Arup and Partners in January this year. The report states that their modelling shows the majority of the site to be within the 1.5 to 3 ouE/m3 98th percentile, and in their conclusions they state “The results indicate that odour may be a constraint to residential development on the proposed site, with up to 95% of the proposed site predicted to fall within the 3 ouE/m3 contour.” Cranleigh Civic Society pointed this out to Waverley BC and they ignored it.

Kind regards,

Adrian Clarke
Cranleigh Civic Society

So, we ask,  how much longer will Waverley Planners be permitted to continue allowing unsuitable development in unsuitable locations, in the village councillors themselves have dubbed, “poor old Cranleigh?”

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  1. I am at the moment watching the live webcast of the JPC meeting and can watch it no longer, Peter Isherwood, how rude is he to Councillor Hyman, he shows total disregard for everything Councillor Hyman says and he is so sarcastic to him and they call themselves professionals.

  2. It makes my blood boil – I want to know who voted for and who against – Bet I can guess!!! Planners ignore the facts and stick to the NPPF when it suits – I am sick to death of this Planner-Lead Council – as for Isherwood dissing Mr Hyman- there has to be something that can be done – It makes for foul watching and I really feel for the Cranleigh Councilors who are simply not listened to – I hope that when Thakeham try to sell these homes the Buyers know what they are getting……. Boxes for the Affordable and Flooded gardens for everyone – Well done Thakeham. Having reviewed their tactics with the proposed Springbok developement – anything that can be done via Desk Based research or dodgy companies that no longer exist is fine – Shocking and I cannot believe they let this one through – Well done WBC – I hope you will bear the fruits of this decision when it all goes soggy and insurance claims start coming in – Bearing in mind this is all recorded for posterity – I will certainly remind them.

    1. Well said, it appears with these JPC councillor’s that it is alright to pass these ridiculous planning applications as long as it is not in their corner of the world, cranleigh is a mess now with all the roads being destroyed by huge lorries, road being dug up to put better power cables in for new developements, utter chaos, I hate to think where it is all going to stop, but know it won’t when all you have is a bunch of yes merchants on planning.

  3. Quite so… It is a mess – Popped into Cranleigh yesterday almost squished into the hedgerow by a huge truck on Wildwood lane. Alfold Road is closed and Access Only, Elmbridge road – well it is what it is! Traffic lights on Knowle Lane due to the works on site, the High Street has roadworks. You really have to wonder how many of the Planners have ever even been to Craneigh. it may be one of the BIG FOUR but compared to Farnham and Godalming – It is only a large village with a single high street, so even a small section of roadworks causes chaos. This site is not close enough to the village for the new residents to walk to the shops, schools, medical centre etc…ah well maybe they can swim there!

    1. It is a total mess and I bet none of the councillor’s who have voted for this building in the area have been to Cranleigh, it is a complete joke, I have just come from the tip in Elmbridge Road, I met like you a grab lorry loaded up with earth, it was at least a good foot over my side of the road, the roads in Cranleigh will not sustain all the building traffic that is going to be around here and the other joke is all the promises from the developers to improve the roads, drainage etc, this will not happen just like the developement at Amlets Lane, the developers will find some loop hole that the great legal team of Waverley have missed.

  4. Ps I would like to know how the dv lovers can improve all the roads, just looking at Elmbridge Road and Alfold Road I would think will be an impossible task, I don’t u derstand why the developers are not made to do all the infrastructure first, I wish someone would explain to me.

  5. I agree – Infrastructure first – But no – Developers want to make their money first and by the time any s106 commitments come into play they will have found a way to wriggle out of them..In fact I seem to remember reading somewhere that they can be reviewed after 5 years. I also read somewhere that they may be replaced (apart from Affordable housing) by CIL arrangements which then would mean the Infrastructure improvements would have to be done by Local Councils and we know how quickly they move ………….An earlier post by WW said the reason that the s106 agreement with DP for Paving on Dunsfold road hadn’t gone ahead was because the funds for the works HAD been lodged with the Council and they were sitting on it (WW correct me if I am wrong) – I think I read too much!!!!

  6. You are absolutely right. SCC hold the Dunsfold Park funds for the footpath to the Crossways. No doubt when they have the Springbok money, and all the other developers’ money, they might, just might, put in a footpath, but who knows. We all feel like packing this site in and running off somewhere. We had to pass the sick bowl around last night after watching the JPC meeting, and we live in Farnham. But residents over here have already started punishing Tory councillors – when will they do the same over there in the East? As for Isherwood, he should be sacked as JPC chairman now for the insulting way he speaks to a colleague, who was trying, to do the decent thing. It is quite something when a Farnham councillors stands up for Cranleigh and Mike Band, a Cranleigh/Shamley Green councillor turns his back on those who elected him. Disgraceful.
    Our hearts go out to you all. WW

  7. I so agree – We had the Laptop on the Dining room table! how bad is that? almost lost my Thai Green Curry!!!
    I don’t blame you lot wanting to pack it in – I sometimes wonder why I bother..Came here for a better life from the Big Smoke – and it is..and I am glad I left.. But I had no idea about this lot – it is now three years and I feel like I have been in a war zone!

    At least Mr Band could have stuck up for Cranleigh – or is he worried that the canker will spread up North!!! I just wish we had someone like Mr Hyman of Farnham Residents to support here – Elections next year…..Let’s hope we have a few more options – as I know who I won’t be voting for and who I will!

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